Easter Table Decor Idea

Easter is just around the corner, although I swamped this past week with many activities such as spring house cleaning, weddings, and parties decor, and yet I'd like to show you some of my ideas on table setting decoration for your Easter Party. I hope you'll like it. I bought most of the items from Home Goods, and the first thing that caught my eyes is the beautiful muted pink dinner set for spring with matching floral motifs dessert plates. I was contemplating whether to buy or not since I had another Spring dinner plates set at home that I haven't had the chance to use it. Finally, I decided to bring it home and create a beautiful Spring table setting. The second favorite finds on this ta

Beauty Products I Swear By

These are some of the beauty products that I used and love the most; I'm in my forties right now, is hard to find a beauty product that good enough to accommodate my mature and sensitive skin. It was easier before, on my twenties-thirties, most of the beauty product feels just right and I didn't have to worried about coverage, too cakey or it will settle into a fine line. Before the forties, my skin was just perfect. But now, my skin has evolved and gets easily dried, I started to develop a fine line, wrinkle, and the sun damages are more visible. So I am continuously searching for the right products because it is just hard now to find beauty products that won't accentuate my fine lines or

Delicious Steamed Cupcakes For Spring Parties (Soda Cupcakes)

Hi loves, now that Springtime officially sprung, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming. Everything seems bright and colorful, or I might be just so happy because the gloomiest days had past and now that my favorite season has arrived I'm like a big kid who can't hide her excitement. Easter is on its way, everything about Easter makes us swoon over the colorful flowers, pastel palettes, and never-ending sweets. Well, since we are talking about desserts, I would love to share with you a recipe that I'm planning to have for our upcoming Easter party. This cupcake is one of my favorites dessert and reminds me of Spring because of the shape of flowers and its colors. I called it soda cupcakes

My Spring Corner Table Decor

Is a springtime, it's time to redecorate the house with the bright Spring colors. I think we all agree; this is the most beautiful season when all the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the weather just perfect. I love to bring the lovely spring garden colors into my home to effortlessly transition it to Spring. Although I only have a small budget to redecorate my house, I'm trying my best to make the most of it. I like doing DIY or store bought unique, sweet and glamorized items but also affordable. And most of the time I purchased my decors from the discounted store such Home Goods, Marshalls, wayfair.com, Hobby Lobby, or even OverStock.com carries lovely items and that way I kno

Rock The Day With Bold Color Hoodie

When it comes to an extra layer of my outfit, I always prefer a thick jacket when the weather becomes unbearable cold or cardigan when it just a bit chilly, something to make me look stylish and fashionable on winter time. It seldom I choose hoodie on my outfit of the day, probably is because I only have one or two choices on my wardrobe collection and I never thought I could amp it up and style it to make it qualified for "going out an outfit." To be honest, I always thought a hoodie only suitable for a teenager or exercise outfit. I never felt a hoodie is stylish enough for going out with friends, not until I found this salmon color hoodie, love the color, material. It easy to style and gl

Delicious Warm Oatmeal For Easy Breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most of the time either we skipped the breakfast or is just easy to grasp any food ignoring the fact that some of the easy to go breakfast are unhealthy. In our hectic morning, breakfast seems like isn't that important. I had to force my kids to finish their meal, and my husband couldn't be careless enough for what he eats. So is up to me to make sure my family eats a healthy breakfast every day. I found an easy way to have healthy and delicious breakfast that doesn't require lots of time to prepare. In fact, this is fast, easy to make and very convenient, most of the time I did this in the night before I go to bed, so in the m

Egg Hunt Easter Party Decor Idea

Easter is around the corner April 1st to be exact, and my daughter is waiting with anticipation and so exciting to have an Easter party egg hunt with her friends. We always host this party every year; we had brunch and lots of children activities such painting, coloring, games and of course the party highlight Easter egg hunts. These are the pictures of our last year party decor; I hope it can be your inspirations if you are planning an Easter Egg Hunt Party. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are inspired by this post and please leave your comment below! Much Love, Joice please check it out some of these pictures below:

DIY Lipbalm For Dry Lips

I can't believe we enter the second day in March, and In Southern California, this would be the start of Spring when the sun is bright, and the flowers start to bloom. Although Washington has a different story, it seems Winter will stay a little bit longer. It still cold and wet here, so when other bloggers start wearing all these lovely and beautiful spring dresses, here I am, still struggle to adjust myself to cold days in Washington. This winter it has been so hard on our skin especially on my little girl, it's her first winter in Washington, she has a hard time to adjust to the weather, and her skin took the worst. She got red, dry, and itchy patches all over her body her face got so dri

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