3 DIY Ideas For Affordable Mother's Day Gift

Mother's day is just around the corner and for you who needs an idea for a perfect gift; this would be an easy DIY and exciting gift for yourself, family and friends. I think I'm lucky because I have several people whom I consider like a mother to me, my aunts and my mother in law, who treated me like their daughter, they are a loving and nurturing people that I know. And this mother's day, I would love to remind them, that I appreciate everything that they've done to me. To be honest, I wish to give them an expensive, one of a kind gift but, my budget is limited, so I would love to provide them with a unique gift that comes from the heart but also affordable. I come up with several DIY idea

Home On The Ranch

Moving here from big city in California to the farm life it such a big difference, is like night and day. I got so used to busy live surround me, car noises, bright lights, a street that never empty and the night that never sleeps, and now, we moved to the place where is so quiet and time seems moves slowly. Although my kids love the place instantly, for me, It takes such a big adjustment to live a country living. At first, the silent and quietness were somehow bothering me, to the point that every little sound makes me think there's a ghost in the house. And the rain, oh the rain, the never-ending rain is hard to get used to it. But there's also the positive side that I came to love living

Maxi For Spring

For Spring and summer time, I always on girly girl mode on, I prefer to wear dresses than shorts. Maxi dress is my obsession. I love how it feels against my skin and how it flowed when I walked. For some reason, I keep picturing myself with a breaded hair and beautiful flower crown on my head, wearing maxi dress laying on the meadow of flowers. The song lyric,"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" from the song 'San Francisco' by Scott Mckenzie playing in my mind. That's how I picture Spring style is, interesting isn't? Spring Maxi dresses always have many color choices and floral motif to choose from, awesome wedges or espadrille sandal to match, with

Mother's Day Table Decor & Fresh Coconut Pudding Recipe

Mother's day is around the corner, do you have an exceptional plan in mind to take your mother on this particular occasion? Last year my sister and I took my Mom to the spa for Mother's day. After done with the pampers we when home and continue the celebration by having dinner at home with the whole family. I set up a table complete with the beautiful flower arrangement. We stayed up late and chatted under the stars while lying on the grass with the candles surrounds us. I realized how much fun it was, so much better than eating at the restaurant while your time is limited and everything is so formal. This year I would love to make the same event for our Mother's day celebration, my kids rea

Skagit Tulip Festival

Even though the Sun was hiding behind the cloud but we can't deny the Spring has sprung, the flowers are in full bloom, and it can only mean one thing, the Skagit Tulips Festival is in full swing, and I won't miss it for the world! The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is on the list of our destinations Spring schedule every year, starting last year when the first time I visited this place. It is such beautiful scenery to see fields of tulips in vibrant colors for miles and miles, created a magical feeling and indeed it's Instagram pictures perfect. The festival is a prime destination for tourism, every day during this festival, crowd flock to see the beautiful garden of Tulips and Daffodils scat

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie ( Using Coconut Flour & Coconut Palm Sugar)

Hi loves, how's your day so far? I hope you have an exciting day, especially in this beautiful Spring season. In this post, I would love to share with you our new found delicious, scrumptious Chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you know my sister, Lana (our baking contributor), who is the best chef of the family, she loves to try new recipes. So, last week when Ana ( Our fashion contributor) with her two mischievous, adorable and handsome twin boys come to visit us from CA, my sister Lana decided to bake cookie for the kids. But unfortunately, the twin boys are lactose intolerance, so we had to play around and try a new chocolate cookie recipe, make it edible and delicious so the kids can enjoy

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