How To Create An Easy & Chic Dessert Table With Recipe For Triple Chocolate Butterscotch

Now that Thanksgiving only a day away, here are last-minute tips for you to make your celebration fancier by having an affordable and chic dessert table. Dessert tables have become a signature display at weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, and any event. Why is the dessert table so essential in every event? I always think it's a good idea to focus on the majority of your party decoration around a buffet and dessert table because it serves multi-purposes, one of the dessert table's functions, it can also serve as a vocal decor in any gathering. To cut down the party's expense, instead of decorating the entire room, I think it is much better creating one fabulous themed featur

Poached Pears With Brown Sugar & Coconut Milk Sauce

Poached Pears are delicious desserts; it looks fancy, elegant, and yet effortless to make. If you check Pinterest, you will find the dessert comes with many recipes, such as Poached pears with red wine sauce, Vanilla, and Cinnamon sauce, and the most exciting ingredients are Chai and Whiskey Poached Pears. As impressive as it is, I haven't got the chance to try it; I'm curious about the taste of chai mixed with whiskey; I'm sure it is delicious, and believe me, one of these days I'll try the recipe for sure. It's been a while I've wanted to make a new recipe for these delightful looking Poached Pears. Finally, I come up with my recipe, and I get the inspiration from one of Indonesia's wonder

Chicken Rice Porridge Recipe (Congee)

Now that the weather here in Seattle is finally taking a turn for the colder and the temperature is going down each day, my body craves naturally warming and hearty food, especially to start my hectic day. I need simple and fulfilling food like noodle soups and my favorite comfort food, congee. What is congee? It basically, boil rice in water until the texture becomes creamy and thick or rice porridge. This meal is a staple of many Asian country's breakfast food. There are many congee recipes out there. Still, many of these recipes share the basics ingredients, which are rice, water, and ginger, but also flavored with many different choices of toppings such as vegetables, Chinese donuts, fis

Cowboy Take Me Away!

It seems like everywhere else, people can't wait for wintertime. The blogosphere already started at the end of August with all those winter festivities posts, so does most of the stores and malls; you can see all the Christmas decor all over the places, some even play Christmas songs. And Amazon packed with a Christmas movie, don't get me wrong; I love Christmas too, but I'd like to wait until the Fall season ends, then I can have a full-blown wintertime celebration. Thanksgiving still eight days to go and, autumn is a beautiful time of the year when a crisp coolness fills the air to visit a pumpkin patch or get lost in a corn maze. Like every other Fall, we love to visit our favorite farm n

Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! The blogosphere has been celebrating the Fall season since the end of August, so I'm hoping you are not getting tired of my Thanksgiving post; I like to take my time and celebrate thanksgiving like it is supposed to be. We all know that a memorable Thanksgiving is a center around great companies, table conversation, delicious food, and also stunning decor. This time I will show you one of Thanksgiving table decor; I always inspired by things around me to make a lovely tablescape. Some items are recently bought, and some it's been in my collection from previous years. Using Fall leaves, miniature pumpkins, and beautiful vases, it can create a display t

Vintage Outfit For Fall Season

I'm so fortunate to be able to spare a little time from my super hectic life to visit Seattle and spent the weekend with Joice and Lana. Living with the four years old twin boys are both exciting, but also exhausting. I desperately need 'ME' time, and thank God, my husband promised to watch the kids very diligently, so I can spend a little time with my sister without feeling worried about my boys. Although I missed them desperately but spending time with my sisters is much needed time. Seattle was wondrous; the color of Autumn is taken me aback. The last time I visited this place was in the Summertime, so seeing this place transform to different and distinctive Fall colors amaze me. The pict

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