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Joice MJ

Welcome to my page, and I hope you will find it inspiring.
I recently moved from Southern California to Washington State, USA. Live in the four acres ranch with a Charming Country house in the corner. I am an Event Specialist and also stay-home-mom. I choose to work from home to stay close to my kids. Being a host, inviting and entertaining friends and family in my house always brings joy to my heart; I also love fashion in every aspect, home decor, and flower arrangement, and I tried to DIY everything that I could get my hands on, from cooking to crafty items and especially fresh flowers. 
Little things about me, I've been happily married to a wonderful man for 20 years. We have two beautiful kids.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Moreover, I also have certification in interior design. I became an Event Planner Specialist about 18 years ago because it was fun and satisfying. I can stay at home with my kids while doing what I love. This blog is my corner where I pour all my idea into Party decor, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and everything else that Inspired me. Please FOLLOW US on my daily activities!


Q: What are Cantique means?

A: Cantique derived from Indonesian Vocabulary 'Cantik,' means Beautiful.


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Our Team 


Hi, please call me Anne. I'm a mom to two beautiful Maltese Terrier and one friendly and sweet American Bulldog. I love fashion but do not own many clothes, shoes, or bags. I also love to go out with my friends, and in my downtime, Malibu rum mixed with cokes is something that I'd like to enjoy while listening to music. But with a hectic lifestyle and working as a full-time Nurse, I love and always make sure to find time for traveling and to write it down my experience so you can enjoy and maybe inspire you to travel the world.

Associate Editor

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon joins Cantique in early 2017, model, fashion and makeup savvy, a bit shy, love to play the piano. Love to travel the world any chance she got, and as for now, she resides in Washington 

Contributor Writer for Beauty and Lifestyle

Destiny Magno

Writer, cosmetic addict, singer, dreamer and all -around creative who live life to the fullest. 

Associate Contributor

Ana W

Our fashionable Ana lives in a beautiful place just an hour away from the famous Big Bear Mountain in San Bernardino County, CA.  She is a Nurse,  married, and blessed with gorgeous twin boys. Vintage lover, she once said, "Shopping is my coping mechanism from my hectic lifestyle" and her motto is: "work hard, play hard."

Her playtime is vintage hunting, searching the net for bargain items, and everything else about shopping, she is the one to call. 
Ana joined our team in 2014.




Fashion Writer Contributor

Paul T

Paul lives in Washington, second-year Biochemistry student who happened to love photography. Computer savvy and loves outdoor activities, he joins since 2013.


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