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Masquerade Makeup For Halloween

Halloween is almost here. Joice and I keep contemplating what to wear on a Halloween day outing with the youngins. However, bringing the kids a trick or treat around the neighborhood becomes a tradition. Although the kids are not the only ones who enjoy wearing costumes, the adults also love wearing costumes. My sister and I love to wear a Halloween costumes and pretend to be someone else just for a day; it gives us a purpose to be fun mamas for the kids.

We always envisioned that the kids would come with us for this day, and we all looked fabulous in our costumes. The boys always want to be a hero while the girls want to be a princess, and if you think only the mamas and the kids who get giddy about the costumes, you should see their daddies too; it's a family affair, and we love it!

We are busy people; any chance to have fun with the kids, we'll take it. Eventually, the kids will grow up too fast before our eyes, which will be the fond memories we will share.

Although Joice likes to wear a unique costume every year, I'm sticking with the Masquerade mask. This year will be the third time I will wear the same theme, a black dress with the same mask. It's tiresome but, at the least, I will spend no extra money.

This makeup inspiration for Masquerade Mask and where to get it:

1. The Vampire Dairy Mask from Etsy

2. Goodmark temporary hair glitter spray

3. kat Von D Red Blood Lipstick at Sephora

4. Too Faced Primer glitter glue for eyeshadow

5, Too Faced glitter bomb eyeshadow

6. Glitter false eyelashes or this one!

I blended a bit of gold eye shadow at the tip of my lips to make it glam for the night.

Next, I put glitter on my cheek and all over my hair.

Ok, lovelies, thank you so much for reading. I hope you'll have a fun Halloween!

Till the next post,

with love.


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