DIY Sugar Face Polish

Winter always brings the worst on my skin. It gets dried, dull, and appears tired. I know getting into a face scrub regimen might help solve my skin problem, but I'm not a big fan of abrasive face scrubbing due to my sensitive skin. I tried many drugstore products and high-end skincare, but unfortunately, these products cause redness and irritate my ultra-sensitive skin. I found it difficult to find skincare products that good enough and work effectively on me. The product that I'm looking for must contain the best ingredients, natural and organic product. And these are the only ingredients that work gently and efficiently on my skin. But, such a product doesn't come with a low price; the cost is expensive.

So now, I dedicate myself to learn more about natural essential oil and the benefits to the skin. By making my skincare products, I can use the best ingredients at an affordable price and much safer because I don't have to worry about all the unfamiliar chemical ingredients and additives that they used in most beauty products on the market.

Although I haven't learned everything yet, for a stater, I can make my face Sugar Scrub that works wonderfully on my sensitive skin with a fraction of the price of the high-end skincare products.

In the meantime, I still used some of the stores that bought skincare products, but if I can make it myself, why not DIY?

face Sugar Scrub
face sugar scrub
face sugar scrub



1. Melt the Shea butter or Mango Butter in the Microwave for ten seconds. Still, if you want to make this continuously, I suggest buying a Body butter warmer melting pot, which is a piece of excellent equipment to melt most of the body butter.

2. Inside the bowl, mix all the ingredients, stir it until thorough coat, put in the airtight glass jar, and store at room temperature. Use within six months.

How to use it, first rinse your face with warm water to soften your skin. To make it easy for the scrub to take sake away the dead skin layer, massage the mixture to your face using small circular motions. Leave on the skin for five minutes. And rinse thoroughly. For better use, do it twice a week.

NOTE: I know it seems more pricey to buy all the ingredients, but this will make more than one batch. So all and all you got an affordable price for the excellent product.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much Love,