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Under The Sunshine


Hi loves, how's your day so far? It seems like I just started my weekdays, and the next thing I know, I've right into the weekend again; although I have no complaint since I love weekends, I can't help but wonder how it flies so fast?!

Today is beautiful; we got Sunshine and a chance to time shopping for clothes and beauty products. Can you believe me, I woke up and was urged to go shopping?! This would be my first shopping spree for this year; I had a new years resolution not to overindulge myself with things that I don't need, but I can only hold myself to the point that I need my stress therapy. Finally is one of my coping mechanisms against stress. So today, I didn't count this as a "Shopping" time. I'm going to say I went to my stress therapy, LOL!!! I'm making excuses already for breaking my new year's resolution but aren't we all doing it?!

Anyway, as soon as I got to the store couple second later, I had twenty clothes on my hands. So I went to the fitting room and found five items that were good on me; I paused for a second, contemplating which one to choose, and finally, I narrowed down, got two pieces that looked good on me, and went home with them.



Keeping a new year resolution is hard, and today I broke my promise. , contemplating and managed to go home with only two pieces of the garments. The promise is progress for me because, .as usual, I will grab the five items. However, especially when it's on into sale at 50 or 70 percent off, I would never want to pass such clearance, especially for things I like; Ian just found it hard to leave the items there and walk away.

Cutting down shopping time is a bit hard for me, but I made some progress. So I would cut it slowly and take a baby step; In time, I'll get better and start saving money again.

The pieces that I wore aI bought some old items. But here are a similar item that I found, is a similar item hope you'll like it.

Pictures by

1. Brixton Piper Floppy Woll Felt Hat

2. Coconuts by Matisse Trader Boot

3. Topshop Suede Hobo Bag

4. Eileen Fisher Moreno Wool Tunic Sweater

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend in an excellent I'll see you if y next post!

Much Love,


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