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Things To Do On Valentine's Day For Single Gal Who Just Want To Have Fun!

Happy Valentine's Day loves! After waiting for sometimes, finally, Valentine's day has arrived, and I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the festival of love whether or not you celebrate with someone you love, your friends, family or just enjoying yourself.

For me, there are no strict rules or regulation that you have to have someone to celebrate Valentine's day with. Valentine's day is a day to celebrate LOVE, it could be romantic love between husband and wife, love between friends, love for your sibling, your parent, for other people and it could be love for yourself. After all, love is universal languages, a wise man once said,"Love makes the world go around." So if you don't have anyone special to give a gift, treat yourself with a beautiful gift, in the end, you got to have plenty of love for yourself before you spread it to others!

Here are some of the idea how to celebrate Valentine's day alone:

1. Shopping. Shopping and Shopping. If you need to break your New Year resolution, this is the time! Get yourself a cute dress or new pieces of jewelry; a fabulous bag would be nice too. After all you deserve it, just for being you!

2. Pamper yourself at the spa, get some cute and attractive nails and pedicure. Or even a new sexy haircut!

3. Treat yourself with relaxing Massage on Valentine's day would be fantastic too.

4. Create an ultimate girl power song playlist and throw a dance party for one in your apartment. And this is not just to feel good on Valentine's day, after all, is for your body and you'll be losing a couple or more pounds after this.

5. Go to the nearest Barnes & Noble or any book store, bring your latest earpiece and your favorite song, and start reading all your favorite books.

6. Watch a funny movie and take some Chinese takeout food, and some delicious dessert You don't have to blame yourself for cheating on your diet; you have Valentine's day to blame for.

7. Take a nice warm bath with candlelight and soak yourself with the luxurious elixir, indulge yourself with strawberry covered chocolates or any sweets money can buy with the expensive wine of your choice while listening to relaxing music or reading your favorite books.

8. Or if you want to do a good deed you can just buy a bunch of candies and go to the homeless shelter and start giving away candy. Who says, you can only do this on Christmas? Anyway, Valentine's day is a celebration of love, not just for yourself or a special someone, but others too. So, here a fun Valentine's day for you to enjoy!

Here are some pictures that we took some times ago, I was wearing Betsy Johnson purple coat, just like it is: very Betsy Johnson style, sweet and girly, pairing with my favorite leather tights and bootie from Tory Burch, and the old scarf that I bought from Nordstrom.

Most of the Items that I wore on the pictures above are sold out, so here are some of the similar items that I found online. Hope you like it!

Here to get it:

  1. Guess Double Breasted Fit Flare Coat

  2. Nic + Zoe The Wonder Stretch Slim Leg Pants

  3. Rebecca Minkoff Asymmetry Fringe Scarf

  4. Kristin Cavillari Layton Lace Boots

  5. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

  6. Yves Saint Laurent Couture Nail Lacquer

Pictures from

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and please do tell me how's your Valentine's day so far by leaving a comment below!

Much Love,


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