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Lipstick On Sale From Nordstrom Rack!

How's your day so far, lovelies? I hope you made the most of it!

Today, the Sun is hiding behind the cloud, and we got a little rain, but I can't wait for spring to arrive.

I would love to show you the new lipstick collection I bought from Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, although these lipsticks are an old collection from Urban Decay Revolution, they discontinue some of my favorite colors. Still, lucky me, I found the Urban Decor gorgeous color at Nordstrom Rack at less than half of the original Price.

I must say that Urban Decay lipstick is among my favorites in terms of quality, the color collection is just insanely gorgeous, with full coverage, and the intensity of the color is superb. In addition, the Price is somewhat affordable, and hands down one of the best lipstick out there!

Just so you know, I'm breaking my New Year's resolution for this, but when I saw it on sale, I thought I had to have it before they were entirely gone. So I chose six colors out of the collection, some of which I have previously liked, Venom and Jilted. So now have extra in my collection in case they run out.

Ok, lovelies, without further due, let me introduce to you my new lipsticks addition:

From left to right:

1. Venom

2. catfight

3. jilted

4. Anarchy

5. Bittersweet

6. turn on

Price $9.00 from Original Price $22.00

And here in this picture, I wore Urban Decay Jilted color lipstick.

Ok loves! Thank you for stopping by, and please tell me what you think in the comment below!

Much Love


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