Rock The Day With Bold Color Hoodie

When it comes to an extra layer of my outfit, I always prefer a thick jacket when the weather becomes unbearable cold or cardigan when it just a bit chilly, something to make me look stylish and fashionable on winter time. It seldom I choose hoodie on my outfit of the day, probably is because I only have one or two choices on my wardrobe collection and

I never thought I could amp it up and style it to make it qualified for "going out an outfit."

To be honest, I always thought a hoodie only suitable for a teenager or exercise outfit. I never felt a hoodie is stylish enough for going out with friends, not until I found this salmon color hoodie, love the color, material. It easy to style and glamorize, and is easy to make it 'fashionable enough' for a romantic date night with hubby.

I wore it with my bold yellow color scarf and my favorite Marni boots. I also brought my oversize brown bag to complete the look.

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