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Beauty Products I Swear By

The best powder and Foundation

Best beauty oil Tarte Maracuja Oil

These are some of the beauty products I use and love the most; I'm in my forties right now, is hard to find a product that is good enough to accommodate my mature and sensitive skin. It was easier before; in my twenties-thirties, most beauty products felt just right, and I didn't have to worry about coverage, being too cakey, or it would settle into a fine line. Before the forties, my skin was just perfect. But now, my skin has evolved and quickly dried; I started to develop a fine line, wrinkle, and the sun damage isis more visible. So I am continuously searching for the right products because it is just hard now to find beauty products that won't accentuate my fine lines or proud-findingrritate my skin and has full coverage without feeling overwhelmed. And as you know, such a product it's just hard to find, but it exists. So here are the products that I swear by!

Now that I am over 40, I'm trying to avoid using a powder for my face because most of the powder makes my skin look older. In addition, it settles on my fine lines and accentuates the wrinkle on my face.

But this one is unlike most of the powder; I am crazy in Love. With this setting, powder, and foundation. What an excellent product for keeping your makeup looking just-applied all day.

Some of the setting powders I tried to make my face look dull and dry, ruining the finish of my foundation, but this one keeps it in place and blends well, making it look natural. In addition, it provides a natural skin finish that looks fresh and polished perfection.

Maybelline came up with a real winner this time!

The foundation is light, goes smoothly, and sets the makeup. It doesn't irritate or dry out my sensitive skin. It has not scented, and I find it works better with my fluffy brush. It gives me the 'dewy' and natural glowy look. Just use a tin layer after your foundation; it'll cover the imperfection on your face.

The best anti aging bb cream Hydroxatone

This CC cream provides light-medium coverage that looks natural and has a creamy texture going on, a smooth blend texture that can go on with light coverage and can be built up to a medium coverage foundation. It's effortless to apply and provides natural-looking coverage, enough to hide all the imperfection and pigmentation on my face. Fragrance-free, paraben-free, 30 SPF, and high SPF are bonuses! The soft matte finish works well with my skin and does not settle into lines and pores throughout the day. My only complaints are limited shades, but this is a great CC cream overall.

I got this as part of my Ipsy bag subscription, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised because I know this oil is at a higher price with such a small bottle. However, /.67t5uI got this for a low price; It's incredible.

It can be used on the face, body, and hair. It's genuinely the best multitasking oil. This one didn't cause a breakout, making my skin radiant without looking greasy. The packaging is incredible, and I highly recommend this product! It smells like an oil but is not overwhelming. It sinks into the skin quickly. This oil improves skin texture and softness, BUT it is not a miracle; it won't reduce scars or acne.

This oil works very well on dull hair that needs a little smoothing. And also works amazingly on dry lips.

A drop of this oil mixed into the foundation ensure it'll apply wonderfully and not cling onto dry patches.

My sister bought this from Costco and introduced it to me. At first, I didn't pay attention until I read the 40 SPF; that was the only thing that got my attention. I wouldn't say much about this product because pretty much whatever the Physicians Formula CC Cream has, this cream has it too, and EVEN BETTER! Why did I say this cream is better than Physicians Formula CC+ Cream? Because this cream has an SPF of 40, while Physician Formula CC+ Cream only has 30 SPF. This cream is incredible. I had a fair amount of sun damage and committed to wearing sunblock daily. This BB cream is very light and smooths/evens skin tone; it doesn't clog my pores, either. It evens skin tone, lessens scars, and blends in nicely. It hydrates and covers very well without looking cakey. This cream is suitable for MATURE SKIN like mine; it does not settle on fine lines or wrinkles and provides a nice dewy fresh look. Therefore, THIS PRODUCT, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, IS MY FAVORITE! Although, like any other product, I suggest you try patches before you use them entirely on your face.

The best super CC+ Cream Physician Formula

Thank you so much for reading, and I want to know your favorite product. So please leave me a comment below.

Much Love,


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