Easter Table Decor Idea

Easter is just around the corner, although I swamped this past week with many activities such as spring house cleaning, weddings, and party decor, and yet I'd like to show you some of my ideas on table setting decoration for your Easter Party. I hope you'll like it.

I bought most of the items from Home Goods, and the first thing that caught my eyes is the beautiful muted pink dinner set for spring with matching floral motifs dessert plates. I was contemplating whether to buy it or not since I had another Spring dinner plate set at home that I haven't had the chance to use it. Finally, I decided to bring it home and create a beautiful Spring table setting.

The second favorite finds on this table setting is the table runner, which is a sweet charm country style, and love how it looks on my dining table. It matched perfectly with the place where we live, and the table runner makes the country house more alive.

Springtime is no doubt my favorite season; I love the colors of the wildflowers, and all the pastels' colors combine. I yearn for the sense of being in the middle of the garden surrounding by beautiful spring flowers and colors from that I'd like to bring those feeling to my tablescape.

The scent of the flowers brought sweet memories, calmness, and peace when we seated around the table, making our Easter dinner an extraordinary time for the family to spend time together and worth something to remember. I hope in the future, every scent of the flowers will remain my kids' home where they belong.


I am always fond of beautiful flowers vases; I can't get enough of them, I must have tons of them in my studio with all kind of style, colors, and sizes. I use some of them for my flowers arrangement at home and some I use it for my work such, Private party, Birthdays, Wedding and corporate events that I design. These two vases are Debby Lily Collection from Vons supermarket.

Ok, lovelies. I hope you like the design and please tell me what you think on the comment below!

Much Love,