Last Minute Decor Idea For Mother's Day!

Mother’s day is only a few days away, although most of us probably already prepared a special gift for your mom, and now it is time to treat your mom with a lovely mother’s day brunch. Mother’s day is the time to celebrate and thankful for all the wonderful moms in our life, and deserves only the best, starting with the decor and plenty of flowers, champagne, and her favorite sweets. Setting up a gorgeous table shows our Moms how special they are and makes the event much more delightful and memorable.

Spring season gives us lots of color inspiration. Here is some idea from our last Mother’s day brunch. I chose a simple modern style yet elegant for this table design with Mom's favorite colors combo. I hope. It would be a spur for you to give your brunch a beautiful finishing touch that she will remember and appreciate.

For flower decor arrangement, it has Daisies, Garbera daisies, my mom's's favorite flowers Cymbidium Orchid, Roses, Chrysanthemum, Oriental Lilies, and a bunch of flowers filler and greenery.

All the table setting, plates, cups, chargers,, and napkins are for Pier 1 import. Vases from Debby Lily,, you can find it at Von's, safe way,, or Albertsons Supermarket . These flowers are all Supermarket; you don't need to be a professional florist to be able to design an expensive look of flowers arrangement..

We had all my mom's favorite sweet lemon meringue cupcakes, chocolate mint mini cakes, Chocolate caramel cakes.

We start with her favorite salad, spinach,, and feta cheese with cranberry sauce; we also had Dutch baby pancakes and oh so delicious Strawberries Banana Natulla Napoleon crepes!

And for the main course, we had Pan Seared Salmon and fresh Salsa ( All the recipes will follow since I can't put everything in one post, I promise!)


Thank you so much for reading,, and I hope you have wonderful and exciting days ahead of you.

Big shout out to my two little server' ( you know who you are!); they are such a big helper for all these great parties we had, and they are also amazing kids; I love them to the moon and back. I am one proud mommy! All your help is very much appreciated.

And Happy Mother's Day for all the mothers out there!