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Spring Makeup Look

Spring Make up look

For Springtime, I like to wear lighter washes of softer colors on makeup. Just the same with the first weeks of spring when it is dewy and fresh, adorned with beautiful and colorful flowers. And when in doubt, I go for natural looks that aren't too flashy and colors that help my makeup for a natural look.

THE LOVE TOO FACED palette is my current makeup obsession for this season. The colors are so much for a year's season; Spring, Summer, and Fall. The soft salmon is defined and cheerful, and the pale lavender complements all the color palettes. The color combination is blendable and buildable, ideal for daytime to nighttime makeup transition, and this is one of the features I love the most.

I bought this palette two years ago; while everyone's buzzing about the Too Faced Peace eye shadow palettes on the blogger sphere, I am so happy to have chosen this gorgeous LOVE eye shadow palette instead. I won't lie to you about not liking the Too Faced Peach eye shadow Palette; at one point, I searched the net for it, but it is all sold out.

That's how crazy it was! When I finally found it on, the price was intense; they sold it for $400. I couldn't stop thinking and asked myself, "why on earth people would buy $400 eye shadow?!" And because I couldn't wait any longer, I bought a LOVE Eye shadow Palette. The best decision ever, and the packaging is super adorable!

Spring Makeup look
Spring Makeup look

Love too Faced Eye shadow Palettes

Pure Love is utterly gorgeous, colorful, dramatic, and glamorous. Although these colors are for a year-round season, I think I would be the best for Wintertime, when we're looking for darker shades of eye shadow and cat eyes look. But of course, it all depends on your preferences; the soft golden hues can also go for a natural look. The pure Love color combination is on the left of the palettes.

True Love is a somewhat beautiful, sweet, and demure color combination, which is something that I would wear in spring and summertime. True Love is in the middle.

Forbidden Love is such as playful colors. The muted pink and soft peach is lovely, and green sage colors are perfect for summertime. As stated above, it all depends on your preference; these eye shadow colors are beautiful for all seasons. These colors are on the right side of the palettes.

I use True Love combination palettes from Love Too Faced eyeshadow palettes in the picture above.

You can find it here too.

Lipstick from Mac Frost Lipstick in Bombshell.

False eyelashes from Mac 6 lash

Ok, lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by. Have you ever tried this eye shadow palette before?

Let me know what you think in the comment below.

Much love,