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Keepin' It Country

Fall has its distinctive color; although, in California, you can't expect all the trees to change to yellow, orange, and red, we have our fair share of the number of Fall colors.

The weather is still warm here, and it cools during the evening. So pretty much we can wear a light garment during the day and double up in the evening.

We got to do double fun this Halloween, visiting the pumpkin patch and celebrating Halloween simultaneously; how cool is that?

We got to dress up like cowboys and cowgirls; we even have the title 'keep it country' on our family album to make it enjoyable.

There are several Pumpkin Patch farms around our area, but this one is our favorite, where we held our twin's first Birthday party.

We sure have lots of fun without too much candy involved. The twin got their Apple covered caramel and also got to play with the animals on the farm.

And my two favorite boys in the world