Home On The Ranch Birthday Theme

Fall Decor

Home In the Ranch Birthday Theme

This event is my daughter's 9th Birthday party in November last year. Since we move to the ranch, she falls in love with this place; I was so excited to decorate her Birthday Party. She wanted to have a Ranch theme birthday party; this reflects our vicinity and the best way to poetry our home.

Her birthday falls in Autumn, so we want to embrace the fall season and colors, the richness palettes such as orange, yellow, green, red, and brown as the tones of the theme for a grand display that glimmers in the autumn sun. Also, we wanted to incorporate the Fall items like pumpkins, dried flowers, grasses and leaves to capture the transition between seasons.

My daughter thinks the best way to describe our place is to include all our farm animals in the decor, but since we can't have them inside the house, we bought a miniature display the same replica of our animal ranch. We have horses in our area, dogs, chicken, deer, although we don't have pigs since the models come with the pig, so I thought I could include in the decor and make it more fun!



We also serve hot cocoa to warm up on a cold day. Thank you so much for reading; please leave a comment below!

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