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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro

This season is to be jolly; although we are still in November when you see red and white flaunting everywhere, you know what it means, Christmas is near. So, to keep your holiday spirit in full gleeful mode, start with the decoration: One that comes to mind is the Christmas tree; you can't celebrate Christmas without "the tree." So let's make decorating your tree more merry and foolproof than ever.

1. Pick and prep your tree Before decorating your tree, you must decide whether to choose a fresh or artificial tree. Although the fresh tree is extra work to pick up and dispose of, nothing can beat a new pine tree's vibrant color and sweet scent. Artificial Christmas tree, conversely, is very convenient, easy to use, put down, and much more affordable; you can use them over and over, agree? So it is all your preference.

Choose The Shape: There are many kinds and different shapes of fresh Christmas trees to choose from; here is an article to educate you on many other Christmas trees. Make sure to pick an appropriate tree size for your home; the perfect size is not too close or touches the ceiling of your home.

2. Location, location, location Determine the best space to put your Christmas tree—opt for an area or corner that will be the focal point of your home — A place that grabs your guest's attention as soon as they enter the house. And let the Christmas tree light up from every corner of your house.

3. Tree Base Cover No one likes wriggling under those low-hanging branches, diving under the ornaments while arranging the skirt. So stand tall on the Christmas base right after the tree settles.

Choose The Base Cover: People have long opted for Christmas tree skirts, but lately, I have shown a new trend; some use colorful bins or wicker baskets. I like the fresh, unique style; I tried it last year, and it gives my Christmas tree a "modern yet sophisticated look."

4. Colors And Theme There aren't rules on how many colors you can use on your Christmas tree, although you can use as many colorful hues as your heart desire, and unless you want to have a wild fiesta on your tree, for me, less is more, so keep it simple is the way to go. Opting for only two or three colors will make your Christmas tree look elegant, sweet, and sophisticated.

Choose The Theme: Aren't you tired of looking at the same Christmas tree ornaments year after year? It would then be best to have a much-needed update for your tree; choosing a different theme every year will do, from extravagant to minimalist and even to "the Grinch" theme. They're sure to be a theme to amuse you and whatever tickles your fancy. Here are some of the Christmas theme ideas to choose from:

5, Gather The Ornaments And Decoration Divide them into categories: Colors, sizes, themes, shapes, etc. More prominent elements (including garland, flowers, bows, and pearls strands) go first, tucked among the branches. Next, fill any open spaces with more miniature decoration; you can use picks and faux flowers and keep adding until the tree's branches appear full.

6. Carry On Tradition Every year I like to include my kids in decorating our Christmas tree, including deciding what theme to choose from: Therefore, they feel essential in building our Christmas tree. And there are one or two unique ornaments that have sentimental value to be included in our Christmas decor every year. Such as ornaments that I bought from the first time they were celebrating Christmas with us or decorations with names of all family members and pictures of the family. We always try to include those in our Christmas tree each year.

7. Go Over The Top Crown your tree with a distinctive decorative topper that matches your theme and draws all eyes up high for a top-to-bottom style statement of all of your personality!

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8. Decor Under & Around The Tree You don't want to let the bottom of the tree bare without anything. As for now, the latest trend goes all the way to the base of the tree; the design will continue to carry out. This is limited by putting a present under the tree, but you want to put extra personalities around the tree. Last year, I put a deer family and an additional small Christmas tree; it makes the design more impressive and beautiful. You can also put tiny houses around the tree or a group of Winter animals.

Thank you so much for reading; please let me know if you have more ideas on decorating a Christmas tree, and please leave your comment below!

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