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Winter Makeup Look

Hey, lovelies! I can't believe Christmas is just right around the corner. Like every other year, this year is a huge blessing for my family and me. As you probably already know, I am ready for anything and everything festive! So, of course, the red lip is a must-have for the holiday season. However, I believe that's a little different story for me.

I wear red lips or a variation of them almost every day of the year. I find it timeless, stunning, and, quite frankly, my go-to favorite. And for every woman or man who takes pride in their never-ending collection of red lips like me, I promise there is a different shade for every occasion. The coloring for those sophisticated mornings, the hard-rocking late night, and of course for the running late bedhead, "I didn't have coffee this morning, but a red lip will suffice" look. There are countless looks red can achieve, but my most beloved is the Christmas look.

Here I am wearing shade number 11 in Peppermint Pop Matte by Clinique. These lipstick are my top pick for this season's lip color. Its smooth and creamy texture moisturizes the lips despite its matte appearance. However, it does come off rubbed by something. Usually, I touch up around 2-3 Times max for 12-14 hours of wear. It is comfortable, flexible, and easy on the lips. I'd recommend using a straw or anything like it but not something directly on the Lips. I ALWAYS get numerous compliments when I wear this shade out and have people asking me where it is from. I hope you lovelies feel the same way!​

Here are one more gorgeous lipsticks I have been drooling for; my next purchase would be this red seductive Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Carina's Love. Also, check out Joice's Christmas gift guide. I love a few red colors of lipstick, or if you want a slightly darker shade, Matte Revolution Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury in Love Liberty would be the ultimate purchase.

To achieve this winter look, I use a lighter shade of eyeshadows. While the blogosphere buzzed over the famous Urban Decay Naked Heat, our editors loved this fabulous Smash Box Cover Shot Golden Hour eyeshadow palette. It has six gorgeous hues with two base shades inspired by Smash box's LA photo studio trend—excellent quality shadows, great colors, and easy to blend.

OK, loves, I hope this look will inspire you; thank you so much for reading, and until the next post!

Xoxo, Shannon (Associate Contributor at