Valentine's Day Table Decor Inspiration

Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement

Valentine's day is around the corner. Do you have a plan for this special night? Is it going to be a dinner outside or just a romantic candlelit dinner for two of you at home? Any idea you have, I am sure it is going to be fantastic.

My husband and I decided to celebrate this festival of love at home. I imagine how most of the restaurant would be pack and have a long line. And usually, you have to call for a reservation at least weeks before, and I still can't decide what restaurant to go to, so my husband and I think it will be more relaxing if we stay home, watch movies and cuddle in front of a fireplace.

Anyhow, it does not matter where we celebrate as long as we spend time together and enjoy each other company; I think that's what Valentine's day all about.

If you chose to have dinner at home, I have a great idea of how to dress up your table and how to arrange your centerpieces for the romantic evening.

Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement

I love this engagement ring napkin's holder. I got it from Pier 1 Import, and the cupcakes are an excellent addition to the decor and are suitable for desserts.

Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement

Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement
Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement

Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement
Roses and Orchid flowers arrangement

Ok, lovelies, here's the tutorial for the centerpieces:

When you work with Orchid, make sure you never touch the petals because our natural oil from hand or fingers will leave a brown mark on the leaves.

For Roses, the first thing you do is take the first layer of the leaves out, which makes the flowers look fresh. Wash the stem's tip and trim it before you put it in the glass filled with water and flower food. Insert it one by one and alternate it with Roses and Orchid. This arrangement will last for a week.

Tutorial for the Vase:

1. Beautiful glittery paper for Michael Art and Craft store, or you can use any design paper you want.

2. Double-sided tape

3. Scissor

4. Pink ribbons


Measure the vase and wrap it with the glitter paper (some paper fits perfectly, but this one, you have to cut it). Use the double-sided tape between piece and vase and tied it with a pink ribbon.

OK Lovelies, thank you for reading, and I hope they would have aspired you for your Valentine's day decor.

Much Love,