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Our Editors' Springtime Drug Store Favorite Nail Polish Colors

Seattle is still in Winter mode, and for now, my place is still pretty much covered with snow, but I know spring will come inevitably. And, Of course, like everything else changes in every season, so does our nail polish collection; we're ready for the soft, sweet, and beautiful color spring could offer.

The editors challenged each other to go to the drugstore and choose our favorite nail polish for this upcoming season. Although most of us return with a neutral, nude pinkish tone, surprisingly, a few colors are unconventional with what is expected for this coming season. For instance, Shelly Hensen INSTA-DRI expresso, I think this color suits for Fall and Wintertime but lets us think outside the box; this color will rock the warmer season. And Essie Bachelorette Bash is lovely for summertime, but this Springtime, we need a little extra 'hotter' color to uplift our spirit.

So here we presented editors' favorite nail polish for Springtime. Each Product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by the editorial team.

1. essie Bachelorette Bash

Chosen by Joice, Editor-In-Chief For

This nail polish is a gorgeous shade of bright Fuschia. The formula is creme-jelly-like, lovely rich, and seductive. An intense pigment that applies beautifully. It's a thick formula. It provides excellent coverage, and you can get away with one coat, but it is shown off best in a fully opaque with two layers — flattering on any skin tone.

Chosen by Ana, Fashion Editor

It's just like its name, 'sensual,' which is the most perfect nude and striking sumptuous. I love how this color is sleek and refreshing for this season, and It'll bring out the beautiful spring color surrounding it.

The lacquer goes on in thin layers, as the suitable nail polish gel should. The shine is outstanding; although it takes a while to set and dry, the result is impressive.

3. Sally Hansen INSTA-DRY in 413 Expresso

Chosen by Shannon, Beauty Editor

I adore this Product! They dry briskly and does not require two coat, although it depends on your liking; you can have a deep opaque color with two layers.

These polishes are my favorite non-gel polishes. The color is much more sophisticated, sexy, and alluring than a primary, bright red. Aside from the gorgeous color, it applies like a dream. Super smooth, and the brush is perfect. One coat is enough to cover the nails, but two layers should be enough if you desire to reach more for perfect opacity and shine. I imagine this nail polish color will look beautiful on various skin tones and has excellent long wear. This color is supposed to be classified as a fall and winter color, but in my opinion, this would be a beautiful color year-round. If you wish to have a unique color, enigmatic and more subtly sexy, I highly recommend giving this a try!

4. Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI in Petal Pusher

Chosen by Destiny, Editorial Production

If you are looking for the perfect spring-color nail polish, this would be the one. The color is soft peachy with a vivid pink. It's a bashful and sweet tone. It reminds me so much of spring flowers—top-notch qualities with drugstore prices.

5. SensatioNail Express Gel in Mauve It or Lose It

Chosen by Joice, Editor-In-Chief Of Cantique

This nail polish color is pretty and super shiny; the Gel Nail polish has an easy-to-use brush that effortlessly glides across your nails for a smooth finish while providing a sleek, glossy touch. It is a beautiful nude color with a stunning pinkish-white luster, a subtle and sweet color just in the springtime.

6. Salon Perfect in Perlie Pink

Chosen by Alice, Our junior model at Cantique

This nail polish is the ultimate girl power color, pink! And you can't get more girly than pink. This shade is such a sweet tone, light pink glitter with a hint of peachy color. Nail polish is perfect for a wedding, a girls' day out, or just hanging out with your family; subtle and delightful—excellent quality at a low price.

We used this on our Valentine's Day nail polish, which is beautiful and perfect for the occasion, and I think Easter will come next; this would be just one perfect nail color.

OK, lovelies! Thank you so much for reading, and please let us know which one is your favorite color for this season.

Much love,


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