Shabby Chic Easter Party Decor

The spring has sprung, and the grass is riz, the snow has stopped, the days are getting warmer, the tree is blossoming, and everything seems to have new colors and a new life. It is a time of renewed hope after a bleak, cold winter season.

When spring is here is expected for us to think about the spring parties. Easter is around the corner, so let the fun begin with these wonderful Easter-themed ideas. With all the joy of spring in bloom and all the fantastic colors that spring could offer.

This party is a shabby chic Easter party decor. Green always looks beautiful pair with yellow and some of the pastel colors of Spring. I love the ideas of hanging Easter eggs and a little bunny of the tree branches. Our version of 'Easter tree.' decor.

My daughter couldn't be more thrilled and happy to see how the decoration turns out. After all, this party was dedicated to her. And she helped with some of the decor DIY. Did you notice the yellow boxes? Yeah, she help made the boxes.

Mommy happy when she is happy!

I would love to see your idea for Easter party decor; please let me know. I will gladly visit your blog. Thank you so much for reading. Happy Easter!

Much Love,