Woodland Easter Egg Hunting Decor

Here's what we love most about this season; Everything this season has to offer. Longer days, unfurling leaves, beautiful colors of flowers, picnics, and the list could go on and on. Spring brings excitement and renewal; everything lying dormant over the cold winter awakened, and life feels vibrant again. I love the sighting of the first yellow Dandelion and Butterflies emerge from hibernation, which affords a sense of hope and a blast of brightness. It's a celebration of a new season and the chance to play outside again and enjoying plenty of sun in the brand new season.

Easter is one of our family's most favorite events and the first significant festival of the year. My daughter has been anticipating this family gathering. Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt Party is fantastic and rewarding. It's an opportunity to spend quality time with extended family and the kids.

For children, we had offered a lot of Easter activities. My daughter would look forward to a massive Easter egg hunt, which is quite competitive between her friends and the cousins. Then we have egg coloring and decorating followed by delicious family lunch with lots of exciting menus but always with plenty of chocolates, cakes, goodies before and after!

We opted for the decor's woodland theme because we love the idea of an enchanted forest, where tiny houses and beautiful bright color mushroom deep inside the forest. Lana, our associate editor, has such an exquisite collection of porcelain Mushrooms and tiny houses. She insists on us putting her collection on display. We arranged beautiful flowers to complete the decor.

It's a fortunate event because Our Associate Fashion Editor, Ana, brought her twin boys, Landon and Logan, from California to visit and celebrate Easter with us.

Alice having so much fun entertaining her baby cousin Reuben, he is such a cute little bear, we love having him around and this his first time celebrated Easter with us.

Thank you so much for stopping by and HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!