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How To Create An Easy & Chic Dessert Table With Recipe For Triple Chocolate Butterscotch

Easy dessert table

Now that Thanksgiving is only a day away, here are last-minute tips for making your celebration fancier by having an affordable and chic dessert table.

Dessert tables have become a signature display at weddings, brides, baby showers, birthday parties, and any event.

Why is the dessert table so essential in every event? I always think it's a good idea to focus on most of your party decoration around a buffet and dessert table because it serves multi-purposes. One of the dessert table's functions can also serve as a vocal decor in any gathering.

To cut down the party's expense, instead of decorating the entire room, I think creating one fabulous themed feature wall is much better to entice everyone's intention.

Putting together an impeccable dessert table may seem daunting, but we are here to help your Instagram or Pinterest picture-perfect inspiration come to life.

You must decorate a few essential spots in the room; first, the dessert table must be decorated to the max! And all these questions, like choosing the spot on where to put the table, which table cover to use, what dessert to have, and anything in between, should be vital, but here I'm going to give you a list of things that will make your table dessert look stunning without having to splurge your money.

easy dessert table

Cake stand

Each household has to have a beautiful cake stand in the collection; the cake stand enhances the elegance of your desserts, highlighting the detail and artistry of your pastries. It will also make the decor stand out; you can reuse it whenever you host a party.

Choose a versatile color like gold, white, black, or silver. Two of the cake stands should be enough for one table, but it would be even better t if you could afford more.


You can make or put any dessert you like on your dessert table, such as candies, cakes, cookies, cheeses, or any pastries you can imagine, but if you are on a tight budget, cupcakes are my choices to go. It is affordable and effortless to make, and you can color coordinate with the rest of your decor. Most importantly, cupcakes are not just a popular dessert among children; adults will also love them. So, in conclusion, color-coordinated cupcakes it's a decor itself. My favorite places to buy affordable cupcakes that taste good are Costco, Walmart, and any supermarket. Usually, they carry cupcakes in their bakery department.

Fresh Flowers

A fresh flower is always a beautiful addition to every decor, and it can create a delightful ambiance in the room. Flowers bring positive emotional feelings to those entering the room, making the place more welcoming and creating a relaxed atmosphere; it immediately impacts happiness. Besides, it can elevate your decor beyond the cliche.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul." -Luther Burbank.

Having fresh flowers in your decor; helps spread happiness to people who are present at your gathering.

Candles and String Lights

A candle can set a specific mood and convey an air of sophistication. It illuminates your decor and is a great way to tweak the place's overall ambiance and grant another touch of luxurious and individual persona.

Small Ornaments

It would be best to have a small ornament to complete the decor and represent your event. For instance, put little pumpkins to indicate a Thanksgiving celebration or Christmas ornament to celebrate Christmas and Birthday hats for birthday parties.

beautiful dessert table
Triple Chocolate butterscotch cupcakes

beautiful thanksgiving dessert table

Now that we discussed the dessert table, here is one recipe for cupcakes to complete your decor—the recipe for Triple Chocolate Butterscotch Recipe; Delicious, satisfying, and tasty.

Butterscotch Frosting

  • 1 ¼ cups butterscotch ice cream topping, divided (you can have it store-bought or make it your own, the recipe provided below) ¼ butter ¼ cup shortening ½ teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch of salt 1 ½ cups brown sugar

  • 1 cup of powdered sugar Chocolate butterscotch candies


  1. I used 1 triple chocolate cake mix and followed the instructions for making the cupcakes.

  2. Divide batter between 24 cupcakes liners. Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Use a straw to poke several holes in the top of each cupcake, or I use an empty condiment bottle tip to make holes and fill the cupcakes with butterscotch sauce.

  3. For store-bought butterscotch ice cream topping: Heat 1 cup of the butterscotch ice cream topping in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then fill the hole with butterscotch sauce from a condiment bottle or drizzle the topping into the holes in each cupcake and let it cool down entirely. For a homemade Butterscotch sauce recipe, you can find it below.

  4. In a medium bowl, beat the butter and shortening on medium speed for 3 minutes or until smooth and creamy. Add the vanilla, ¼ cup butterscotch ice cream topping, and salt with the mixer running. Slowly add the powdered sugar until thoroughly mixed in. Increase to high speed and beat for 3 minutes or until light and fluffy. Top each cupcake with a swirl of frosting. And put the butterscotch chocolate candy on top.

Butterscotch Sauce

  • ¼ cup unsalted butter ¾ cup packed dark brown sugar ¾ cup heavy cream 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract ½ teaspoon salt


In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine all ingredients. Then whisk in cream, let the mixture bubble and thicken for 5 minutes without stirring. Bring to a boil. Cool to room temperature.

Beautiful dessert table
beautiful dessert table
recipe butterscotch cupcakes

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

Much Love,


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