DIY Candle For Valentine's Gift

Valentine’s Day is almost here. All the special Day preparation for fun lunch with the kids is made, and I’m sure my husband already arrange our romantic dinner, and the gifts are wraps.

Yesterday, my daughter came and asked me what to give to her teacher and friends, and I was like, oh oh, I was too busy with everything else. I have forgotten the teacher and especially the school bus lady Valentine's day gift.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to show a little love to the person close to you, such as teachers and friends. As usual, a handwritten card is always the most meaningful thing you can give, and if you want to throw a little something extra, I have a simple, sweet, and affordable gift Idea.

You can only do so many chocolates and Starbuck gift cards, but when it comes to showing our gratitude to a special someone such as friends and teacher who has done so much to our children, something handmade always speaks to the heart.

So, my daughter and I decided to do a DIY Fragrance candle for her teacher and friends. These candles are easy to make, cute, practical, and will make their hearts swell.

What you get: Rose and Lavender Dried Flowers, cotton candles wick, Roses fragrance oil, Lavender fragrance oil, Soy Wax, Mica Powder, Candle tins ( I got it from Daiso $1.50 each), Wooden stir stick, Recipe card.

What you need: Hot glue gun, Microwave save bowl, Scissors, Measuring cup, Potholder.


Step 1: Cover your workspace with a protective surface such as a newspaper or paper towels. Spread out your materials.

Step 2: Open your candle tins. With a hot glue gun, place a small dab of glue onto the bottom piece of your wick. Place the glued end down onto the middle of your candle tin and let dry. Once the bottom has dried, trim one inch from the tip of your candle wick with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Pour half of the bag of wax chips into a microwave-safe bowl. And heat in the microwave for two minutes; use a pt holder to take the bowl out safely. Then stir the chips with the wooden stirrer stick. Reheat if needed, stirring until the wax is completely melted.

Step 4: Once your wax chips have dissolved. Pour the melted wax into a measuring cup. Add the desired amount of mica color and fragrance to the hot wax and mix until evenly incorporated. Pour the mixture into your candle tin.

Tip: Hold the wick in place for several minutes until the wax hardens to ensure it is secured to the center.

Step 5: While the wax is still liquid. Place any dried flowers you would like to incorporate into the candle and push gently so that they sink in.

Happy Planning, Everyone, and thank you for reading!