Why We Love The Fourth Of July?

Are You Ready for Independence

Day Fun?

Well, lovelies, it’s that time of year again! The Fourth of July weekend is around the corner, and how’s your preparation for America's birthday?

Everyone loves an excuse to have friends and family gather around, especially in this pandemic time, when we have not seen our family and friends for over four months. Since we are on the soft-opening of the regular activities, I think this would be a good reason to get together with the small number of loved ones. It is time to Catch up and gorge ourselves with delicious food while enjoying all kinds of fun and fireworks; life would feel normal again ( of course, with practicing self-distancing). The Fourth of July weekend is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. And here are the reason why?

1. It’s summertime

So it’s a perfect time to do parties outdoor, the days are long, warm ( you’ll appreciate this if you live in a cold climate like WA), after enduring prolonged lingering rain and gloomy days I think we deserve to enjoy much sun and party outdoor.

2. Barbeque and Party Outside

This summertime is the season when corns are abundant in WA; therefore, the price is fantastic; we can eat as much as corn on the cob until we couldn’t eat anymore. The time for barbeques, grilled meat, and frozen treats while enjoying games and so much more.

3. Great Music Festival and Parades

Without a restriction of the Pandemic time, we could go out to watch a music festival, boat parade, and fantastic fireworks. Still, since it’s Pandemic, we will postpone all of this fun, and hopefully, next year will be a good time.

4. Fireworks

There is no great time for fireworks and be loud beside the fourth of July for us; why? Because of the weather, New year’s Eve fireworks are fantastic. Still, in PNW, when having cold weather and never-ending rain most of the time, December is cold to the bone, yes there’s firework on NYE, but we can’t eat ice cream while watching fireworks and barbecuing outside the house. So, I prefer watching the fireworks while resting on the grass, and the weather is Marvelous while eating corn on the cob and ice cream for the dessert.

As you see in the pictures, this was our Fourth of July Party last year; we had s'mores, corn on the cob, games, and fireworks; it was such a fun day. And if you are planning a small gathering for the fourth of July with families, I hope this could be your party decor inspiration.

Here is a delicious recipe for your Fourth of July party!

1. Easy Baked Fish Fillet with Cilantro

2, Dragon Fruit Drink Recipe

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and healthy!

Much love,