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Easter Egg Hunt Party with Beautiful Table Setting Decor

Easter bunny place card

Spring Is here; I'm delighted with the turning of the seasons with excellent health and good spirit. It's time to unmask and start breathing the fresh air, enjoying the sun that finally graces us with its presence.

Easter is the perfect way to celebrate spring, with refreshing colors only this season possesses. Finally, it's time for a renewal when life awakens from hibernating, flowers blossom, and plants come to life again.

We love the season's colors that evoke a modest springtime sense and create beautiful recollections even after the spring is long gone. Easter is the time to enjoy with family and friends under the beautiful sky, crisp air, and pretty flowers. This is how a beautiful memory is made.

No Easter without bunny theme decor, colorful table setting, yummy food, beautiful easter baskets filled with goodies like tasty chocolate, colorful candy, and hand-painted eggs galore.

But as beautiful as the season is, there's nothing more exciting than having a chance to celebrate the season with your family and loved ones.

Spring table setting
Girl and little boy hunt for Easter eggs hunting

I opted for this season's popular colors, bright flamingo and blue; it comes with all sets of plates, cups, and my favorite bunny place card made from wood. I got it from Target, the beautiful place runner, and some of the decors are from TJ Max—the Vase from Debby Lily Collection, Save Way.

blue vases with red and pink flower arrangement

blue vases with red and pink flowers arrangement
Spring table decor with flamingo and pink colors plates

Easter bunny decor
pink and green pudding for Easter decor

cute Easter bunny place card

colorful Easter eggs on wooden wheelbarrow table decor

colorful Easter eggs in wooden wheelbarrow table decor

Simple dessert buffet for Easter party decor

Easter table decor in the country side

Easter eggs decor