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Mother's Day Table Setting

pink and purple table setting

Mother's Day is a beautiful and remarkable bond of love shared between a mother and her kids. This day is created to honor and reflect on all the contributions of loving mothers and acknowledge the efforts of the amazing women who have given us life and unconditional love. In truth honesty, I have written about Mother's Day in this blog for twelve years now, and no matter how many words I put into it, I will never have enough time and space to describe how great she is as a person; she has many roles in her life, she was a teacher, a mother, an aunt, wife, grandmother, and she fulfilled her role with grace and dedication, many love and cherished her for that. And we are so blessed to have her in our life.

Spring table decor

Beautiful color flowers vases
red and pink flower arrangement

pink glass wine

Every year I host an intimate luncheon with all the beautiful ladies in my life, someone close to my heart, in honor of my mom. My mom prefers this way; it is peaceful and relaxing. We can spend extra time together, telling stories, sharing memories, and joking around. The only difference from the last year is the decor and the food; every year, I come out with different decor and delicious food. My sister and cousin also brought their share of food for the party.

I decide to enjoy the beautiful month of May to the fullest; the bright sun and the crisp air are so inviting to bring the fun activities outdoors before the sun gets into the full swing of its hotness. This Mother's Day celebration is to make her feel special with decor that epitomizes her unique style and will surely make her smile. The goal is to surround Mom with loveliness and decorative items that invite a feeling of love and joy. Hot pink and purples fresh flowers are always great colors for spring and adorn colorful cookies on the decor table. The cake stand is a bargain from Target, and I love the color combination of the vases and cake stand; it is delightful and demure perfect for a countryside setting.

spring table decor

colorful mini vases
fresh flower spring arrangement

table setting flowers arrangement

Spring table arrangement

dessert and cookie for table decor

Spring table landscape

Creating a picturesque table landscape with various delightful colors and details, such as charming farmhouse runners with beautiful ruffles, adorable milk vases, and lovely glassware colors, gives your table personality and a pleasant atmosphere to your dining experience. After all, a good party is about delicious food, good topic conversation, and eye-pleasing decor. In addition, putting cookies and dessert gives the table design an extra pop of color. And make the table more inviting, anyhow, who does not love cookies?

country style table setting

pink and gray flowers vases

pink table arrangement
pink table arrangement

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!