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The Great Gatsby Birthday Party

Pink cake and hanging laterns

Unforgettable Night

This is a birthday bash for one of the family. It was a last-minute idea and celebration because I was traveling from Seattle, and she came from New Jersey and planned to meet in Irvine, CA. Finally, we arrived in CA five days later than initially planned. She didn't anticipate a big birthday party, but we insisted even though we weren't prepared.

Although the party needed to be adequately planned; however, it was a successful and beautiful party, and we had so much fun. I could tell she was overjoyed to be the queen of the night. We had good food and fun music throughout the night.

It was her 70s Birthday Party, and to make it enjoyable, we chose 'The Great Gatsby' for the party theme, and we had gold, black and pink for the color palettes; I had only one week to invite and plan the party. I thought many guests wouldn't make it since it was last minute invite, but almost everyone showed up, and I was so pleased with how it transpired.

two ladies sitting wearing pearls
pink cakes and chocolate cupcakes

pink and white cakes with white flowers arrangement and black feathers
three tier black cake stand

pearls on tree decor, with pink cakes and cupcakes, beautiful cake stands

two girls wearing flapper dresses, and 1920 vintage flapper dress
girl wearing a headband

beautiful woman wearing headband and pearls necklace
beautiful couple wearing 1920 fashion

beautiful garden party, hanging lanterns, cakes

We couldn't get enough glamour for Great Gatsby Party; this party is all about Gold table chandeliers, black and white ostrich feathers, pearls jewelry, and hanging chandelier. So I ensured we had enough chandeliers for decor to make a statement that this was indeed the Great Gatsby Party. I made sure to have the joy and frivolity of the 1920 style, and I'm a big fan of the roaring era of lavish and glamorous decor. Still, I also didn't want redundancy of black, white, and gold Great Gatsby Party decor out there, so I infused more color palettes, such as a different shade of pink, to make the birthday girl happy since pink is her favorite color.

dessert table
ball flowers arrangement hanging on the branch

flower ball arrangement and black crystal hanging on the branch
beautiful cake stand with pink cakes

cupcakes on the gold cake stand
buffet decor

mini bottle bath salt for party favors

Rose handmade bath salt for everyone to take home; it smelled divine, effortless, affordable—and a great addition to the decor.

Makes 62 mini favors glass jar of bath salts


  • 5 cups of pink Himalayan salt

  • 5 cups Epsom salts

  • 50 drops of rose essential oil

  • 5 cups rose powder

  • 5 cups of dried rose petals

  • Label


  1. Add the pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salt to a medium bowl and the rose essential oil. Mix well to combine.

  2. Add the rose powder and dried rose petals, stirring well to combine.

  3. Pour into an airtight jar and store at room temperature.

man wearing black shirt and khaki pants
two women wearing 1920 fashion dresses

flower vase with candle
a guy wearing 1920 fashion suits

table dessert decor, cakes, flower arrangement, candle and hanging lantern

women and man wearing 1920 the great gatsby fashion
women wearing pearls

Upon arriving, we also provided everybody with a faux pearls necklace and headband unless they preferred their own.

small flowers arrangement with jar of lights
candle light with two champagne glass and small flower vases

A Mazon jar or any clear glass jar with fiery lights inside is an excellent addition to the table centerpiece, and it also brings more lights and illuminates the party ambiance.


group of people wearing 1920 the great gatsby fashion

Party sign decor
flowers with a jar full of fairy lights

The proper lighting and excellent decor can make the humble backyard look like an enchanted garden.

golden jar with white flowers arrangement and black feathers
pink chandelier

group of people eating dinner

two ladies wearing 1920 the gatsby fashion dresses
party table decor with flower and pearls arrangement, candle holder, pink plates , black and pink napkins

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Some of the items are listed on my Amazon Storefront.

Thank you for reading; I hope you have a wonderful summer. XOXO

Much Love,



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