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Woodland Fall Season & Thanksgiving Table Decor Idea

Thanksgiving is here, and we are officially in the festive season. Back-to-back celebrations will follow, starting with Halloween Day, thanksgiving day, Hanukka, and the merrier celebration is Christmas Day.

My family is even more hectic; we have Birthday after Birthdays celebrations from October to November and at least celebrate five birthday parties. Having a gathering at home and never a dull moment is one of the perks of having a big family.

Thanksgiving is always a special celebration for us; besides being thankful for all our blessings during the year, this is also a secluded/private celebration. On Birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas, we include all our extended families and friends. The dinner is buffet style; again, I come from a BIG family. The family's dynamic is always loud and exciting (sometimes dramatic). The movie 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' has nothing on us, but I cherish our closeness and the love we radiate from one another, and the happiness in our life. However, when Thanksgiving came, it was only seven of us; we got to sit around the dinner table. Not too crowded and a layback celebration without drama (ok, a little, mostly on 'Who got Turkey's legs?'). But whether the party is undersized or oversized, we always enjoy our togetherness and make the best of it. I love decorating the dining table with the beautiful color of the season with fresh flowers, candlelight, beautiful place setting, and table decor to make the time extra special and create a wonderful memory. Here is one of my table creations for the Fall and Thanksgiving dinners.

All the vases and charger plates are from the Debby Lilly collection (Safeway or Von's Supermarket) and Homegoods. The dinner and dessert plate collections are from the Vintage store. The beautiful country style Napkins and utensils sets are from Pier1 Import,

I collected antique crystal goblets and own several colors in my collections, and I'm still looking for some more; here is the Vintage Fostoria Jamestown green swirl goblet. The crystal drinking glasses are a beautiful and excellent addition to the dining table. This color crystal amps up the tablescape, making it cheerful and chic for any occasion. I also love the new trend in table settings where you can mix and match the color goblet on your table decor. After all, even the tablescape has become a new era where you can be more creative, innovative, and adventurous in styling your table decor.

Garland leaves make beautiful decor; a seeded eucalyptus silver dollar is an excellent addition to the Fall table. In addition, these aromatic leaves are an excellent means of bringing a refreshing, medicinal, and lemon-like fragrance to any home and place you're in, especially in the Fall season.

The table runner is a scarf belonging to my mom; I thought it was a beautiful fabric I could display on the table setting; it is an excellent addition to any tablescape.