Home Made Vegan Waffle, Strawberry Sauce & Strawberry Juice

To be honest, I am not a vegan person. My sister and I, we have a craving for good homemade waffle but out of some the ingredients and we came up with a recipe and made a vegan waffle instead. Our vegan waffle was nothing but mouth-watering delicious. The strawberry sauce has been my favorite recipe. I ate this with waffle, pancakes, french toast and everything else that I can eat this with, or sometimes I just eat it by itself just like applesauce, is very refreshing and delicious. And also, if you like homemade fruity carbonate drinks or just Strawberry juice then this is the recipes for you. Homemade Vegan Waffle Recipe: What you need: Waffle Iron Hand beater measuring cup Large bowl I

Fall Home Decor Part II

Hi, lovelies. As promised, I love to show you the rest of the home decor for the Fall season. This house painted with vibrant colors reminds me so much of the English country house, to tone it down, I use all the decoration within the colors range, so it isn't going to look obtrusive with so many bright colors fighting for the spotlight. I love to put on all the white mini pumpkins on the decor because of the cuteness, and I am crazy in love with their looks. But, I feel the cheerful, vibrant colors created happy, warm, and welcome feelings; therefore, I like to celebrate this season with beautiful colors that are a complement to each other and to develop an enjoyable and cozy ambiance that

Fall Home Decor Part 1

Today, I'm going to show you how I decorated my place for the Fall season. I love to bring the seasonal colors of the outdoors inside the house whenever possible. By decorating the room, I can feel the festivities atmosphere inside the house, and there's a warm feeling of the autumnal season that's very delightful. I put some pretty pumpkins, dried and fresh flowers out on antique cabinet to add a little touch of Fall to the room. This dresser located in the hallway where the heavy traffic is happening is in between the dining room and the living room, where are most all the attention will be. We love to hang around the dining table and enjoy the Fall culinary season has to offer. So I deco

Little Black Dress

It supposed to be autumn right know but here in CA, it still 80 degrees. I wanted to get over with this heat already and start to cover up with my Fall/winter wardrobe but summer still lingers here, and I guess I better just enjoy the warmth while it lasts. Here's my outfit that I wore on my our date night. LBD seems boring but, it'll never go wrong. I accessorized it with a flashy necklace and gorgeous scarf to make it glam for the night. Most of the things that I wore here, is from last season but Here the cute dress, Prada Monochromic Round Sunglasses Another cute dress Here a steale Ok Lovelies, thank you for stopping by... With love, Joice

Autumn Table Decor

I was sitting at my house looking out the window and in awe of the beauty of the Autumn, the trees in our yard turning to different colors, yellow, red, orange and brown, it such a beautiful combination and as if I'm an indifferent world. I got these eerie and melancholic feeling all stir up inside me and almost making me cry. And also, I love driving into the Sunset with majestic Red and Golden trees surround me while listening to Norah Jones's 'come away with me' song, so serene and beautiful. In my family, we celebrate several events during the fall season. First of all, my sister's wedding Anniversary in October, and there's fun Halloween for my kids, my youngest Birthday party, and Th

Masquerade Makeup For Halloween

Halloween is almost here. Joice and I, we keep contemplating for what to wear on Halloween day outing. It becomes a tradition to bring the kids for trick or treating around the neighborhood, is not just the kids who enjoy wearing a costume, my sister and I, we love to wear a Halloween costume as well. Although every year Joice likes to wear a unique costume, me, I'm sticking with the Masquerade mask. This year will be the third times for me wearing the same outfit, which is a black dress with the same mask. It's kind of boring but, the least, no extra money spent. This is a makeup inspiration for Masquerade Mask and where to get it: 1. The Vampire Dairy Mask from Etsy 2. Goodmark temporary h

Crispy Asian Brussels Sprouts

The truth is, I'm not a big fan of Brussels sprouts, maybe because of their bitter flavor and soft texture. That's enough reason for me to stay away from them. And to make it worse my kids despise them, no matter how I cooked it every time I served my kids, Brussels sprouts, they acted as if I feed them poison. But, things changed when my cousin and her family came to visit us here in California. We took them to eat at Kabuki Japanese restaurant. She ordered a crispy Brussels sprout for an appetizer. At first, I was hesitant to give it a try, but after I saw my cousin devour it within seconds, I took one and tried it myself. To my surprise, my kids ate it too, and we had to order a second p

Hair Care 101

I have generally had long hair throughout my whole life, and the reason to keep my long hair is not that of the style, but more conveniently. It's because having long hair effortless to manage. I'm always practical with my everyday activities. I prefer things that I can just grab and go. One of the benefits of having a long hair is that; I don't have to style it all the time, all I need to do is to wash and dry, thanks so much for my straight-manageable hair. Although having long hair is easy to take care, it still has its ups and downs. As I'm getting older, I have noticed that my hair is getting thinner, dull and frizz easily. To keep my locks healthy and shiny, I do my hair care regiment

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