New Year's Eve Table Decor Idea

For some people, New Year's Eve party is one of the biggest celebration of the year. It's a beautiful time to spend with friends and family as we ring the new year and say goodbye to the old. Although as hard as to leave the memories behind, we're hoping to enter the New Year with the welcoming and positive outlook for the future. I guess this is why we celebrate the new year because despite everything has happened in the past the new year will bring us hope and a chance to do better. Here is some affordable Masquerade table decor idea for the New Year's Eve Party. I double duty the Christmas Ornament such a glittery pink peacock, glass ball, feathers, colorful streams, masquerade masks and

Makeup For New Year's Eve Party

Hello, lovelies! The new year eve is just a few nights away, are you ready for it? Are you ready to ring the night looking fabulous wearing a beautiful dress, gorgeous makeup, and dance the night away? Professional makeup Jolin NG give us one of the ideas for New Years Eve makeup looks for us to drool. This makeup look, also, an idea for a special occasion, such a Wedding party, Dancing night out or date night with special someone. It's versatile look and is suitable for any special event. A lot of us who have kids just want to put our kids to sleep and sleep the night away but is the end and the beginning of the New Year it means a new you, why not make an exception? It's time to treat our

Our 2017 Christmas Celebration

Hello everyone, how is your Christmas celebration so far? I'm sure you enjoy your Christmas celebration as much as I enjoy mine. We are in the process of moving from California to Washington, and as for now, we're living in between two states, my husband and I every other month we have a trip to California to finalize the rest of the moving process. My kids on the other hand already settle down and started their school, seems like they love it here in Washington, they made friends and have a huge backyard to play with, and the crispy clean air is so much better here in Washington where the temperature is so friendly in comparison to scorching hot California. This Christmas we decided to cele

Red Lipstick For Christmas

Nothing else makes a woman look more beautiful and seductive like Red lipstick for a Christmas Parties. On Winter time I like to wear bold color lipsticks to add some colors on a gloomy day. Dark Red, Wine, Aubergine and dark brown lipstick are my favorite color for this festivities season of the year. Here is one of my favorite makeup look with deep red lipstick, a smoky eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner and glamorous falls eyelashes with little touch up of blush is my make up look for this upcoming Christmas Soiree. These are the product that I used: 1. Urban Decay Eyebrows 2. Luxe False Lash 3. Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow 4. Makeup Forever HD Blush in Pink Sand 5. YSL color 1 Le Roug

Christmas Home Decor

Christmas is only five days away, and here I am still not ready for Christmas, even when I thought I finished decorating the house, I still find things to fix or rearranged around the house. I will move things back and ford many times until I feel satisfied, so much for being a perfectionist eh? Nevertheless, I am happy with the result because most of the major projects are finished and my house looks a lot like Christmas now. I'm just hoping I am not going back and rearrange things again. I live in a farmhouse with four acres land which has a huge benefit for me, especially on the holiday season, this place has lots of pine, evergreen trees and wild winter berries, perfect for decoration. I

Paper Mache Christmas Decor

Christmas is only a week away, and I still have so much to do around the house. The table centerpiece is not finishing yet, lots of Christmas shopping to do and I need to bake more cookies. There are still lots of DIY decors that need to complete; If I can ask Santa for early Christmas give, I would ask him to give me more weeks to go before Christmas. Well, for sure I have to move faster because Christmas undeniable will come on time. Although I'm dreaming of extravagant Christmas party with a splendid decor and lots of gifts to give, it just my tiny budget won't allow it, so I find a DIY help saving money without compromising my style. One of the DIY that I did for the decor is using Paper

5 Favorite Nail Colors For Winter Time

Hi lovelies, today I would love to show you my favorite Nail colors for this season. You will find dark shade most dominant on this collection, because of color such a deep Red, Maroon, Deep Purple, and brown, are the colors that compliment my skin and goes beautifully with my pale complexion especially this Winter time. Every season I bought at least five new nail colors collection, although sometimes, I was being an impulsive shopper and pick up more than I can use. I don't wear nail polish every day so buying more than five is just waste of money because I won't be able to use them all, and as usual, it will only leave untouched. So darling, here are the five favorite nail polish for this

Warm Apple Cider

This wintertime, there's nothing better than delicious hot drinks to keep you warm in this cold weather. Hot Apple Cider, it will warm you up from head to toes. Perfectly blend of citrus and spice make this drink perfect for a chill night to enjoy with warm apple pie while spending time with the family in front of the fireplace. The first time I tried this when my pastor invited us to his Christmas party last year. His wife served us this delicious drink, and since that it becomes one of my favorites drink. At first glance, this warm juice did not look inviting; in fact, it seemed strange to me because the way the orange look with many cloves sticks in it. So I didn't care as much until my s

Cardi On The Go

Is a gusty windy season here in Southern California. Although, we don't get snow and the temperature here is not as low as the other places in the US, and yet, we still need to cover up to go outside the home. In CA, you don't need bulky outerwear, like thick wool or bubble jacket, as long as you have a thin cover-up, you'll be fine. That's when Cardigan comes in handy, I know I mentioned this before, but I love cardigan because is stylish and an easy way to travel light. I just throw a cardigan on top of jeans and a simple shirt or add an extra jacket when the weather gets too cold. And here, I was going Christmas shopping with my sister, wearing black cardigan with my super comfy boots, a

DIY Frosted & Glitter Champagne Glass

Do you ever wish to frost your table setting for Winter Wonderland dining experience? I do, mainly after I watch my daughter's favorite movie, Frozen. This cold season should be the perfect time to do Winter Wonderland theme for your special occasion. So get ready to hang the snowflakes glitter ornament on top of your dining table, dress your table with silver or white table cover, place your white chargers, plates and silver spoon. And how about the wine or champagne glass? Are you going to use the regular crystal glass or you want to frost it as well? Here's a DIY idea for you to make frosted glass champagne. Here's what you need: 1 Martha Steward Craft Fine Glitter In Blue or any color yo

Candy Cane Body Scrup

"It's the most wonderful time of the year and hap-happiest season of all," and yes, I couldn't agree more with Andy Williams's Christmas song. For me, Christmas is the best season of the year, where the family who lives far and near can dine, cuddle and sing in front of fireplace celebrate this joyful time together. And another thing that I like about Christmas is the decor, the parties, the food and my favorite of all are shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family. Although the thrill of searching for the right Christmas gift is fun and exciting also, I would love to give a gift to everyone that I know or even just met, but I don't have such budget, my tiny amount of money is c

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