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Ana & John's Wedding Anniversary Photo shoot

Twenty years ago, I married my best friend, a day I will never forget. This weekend, we're celebrating our wedding anniversary, we have been together for long years, and we try to get creative by celebrating our anniversary differently every year. This year we're celebrating our special day by doing a photoshoot. We use my sister's place for our backdrop location, and she helps us decorate the prop. The pictures turned out better than we expected. After all, we've been together for the longest time I can remember; it;'s been wonderful years; I believe God put heaven on earth for us; it calls marriage!

Wedding Decor

I love the weather; it was sunny in October month in Seattle. Joice decorated the prop beautifully. She has put together pumpkins and some autumn flowers arrangement such as oranges, Lilies, hypericum berries, and burned orange spider lilies. I wore a simple yet beautiful white dress that we bought from the Target department store. The red cowgirl boots are a stunning addition to all the photoshoot attire and decor combined.

Wedding Decor
wedding decor