Weekend Outfit

Can you believe is the weekend already? Where's the time go? I feel like I'm racing with times, and I never win. However, I tried to do it on time but always behind schedule. I guess racing with time is a lost cost for me, but looking at the bright side, lose with time is not such a bad thing after all; we can always look younger than we are supposed to be.

Again, it's the weekend means time to have fun! Kids are not in school, so we can go where we want and have quality time with family and friends.

Here's again, one of my favorite looks for the weekend.

I love the casual style, something that I can just put in on and feel comfortable; although the heels have a different story, it's far from the definition of comfy, but again, it's the weekend! I want to look apart from my everyday uniform consisting of jeans, a shirt, and flat shoes or sandals.

I took these pictures awhile ago, but I hope you'll like them and tell me what you think, lovelies?

What I wore: Lipstick: MAC Impassioned / Blouse: HM / Cardi: ArmaniAX / Pants: bebe Bag: Chloe / Heel: Gucci

Please tell me what you think, lovelies? And leave your comment below!