Valentine's Day Table Decor Idea

Valentine's day is just around the corner, and I really couldn't be happier for the day to arrive. Impressive decoration, red and pink roses everywhere, beautiful cards with cheesy words, a sea of candies, and let's not forget the special gift I will receive from my special someone. I understand some people don't celebrate Valentine's day; this day has a special meaning for us. We love to celebrate this beautiful day and our hectic lifestyle; it just lovely to take a break and enjoy this festival of love. It is a fond memory for us to share as a family in the future.

As usual, we will start with breakfast-brunch in the morning or lunch after the kids get out of school. I will set up a beautiful table setting for us, complete with flowers arrangement, cupcakes, and Valentine's day decorations.

My kids love our Valentine's day brunch, they are always waiting with anticipation, and over the years, it becomes our family tradition.

This picture from Valentine's day last year, for our brunch, I made Red Velvet Pancakes, Cheese Blintzes, and Strawberry cake ball covered with chocolate and the rest of the sweet we bought it from the bakery. My husband and I continue our special night by having a candlelight dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants in the evening. This coming Valentine's day is not going to be a lot different for us. We will celebrate with love and colorful Valentine's decoration.

I made a delicious strawberry compote and pretty much poured in every menu we had; this is Cheese Blintzes, rich and creamy, mouth-watering delicious. Perfect for special brunch with family.

Matching colors table cover, plates, and the cake stand is unnecessary, but try to mix Valentine's day particular color to hint that 'today is Valentine's day.'

Sweets is a must on Valentine's day, is a requirement in every fun occasions, cupcakes, candies, and cookie always fabulous edition for the decor and the taste bud.

Flowers are not a requirement but are a delightful addition to your decor, especially fresh flowers on valentine's day. Nothing says like a new flower to make the day a little brighter. It is a statement piece for your decor.

You don't want to miss the cupcakes. It is Valentines's day, no particular day without cupcakes. Adult and children love cupcakes, so this yummy treat deserves one specific spot on Valentine's day sweet buffet. And besides, it will give your table decor an extra Va boom!