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  • Joice J

My New Favorite Fragrance


"Perfume is the most intense form of memories." -Jean-Paul Guerlain. Are any of you related to this?

Have you ever scent a fragrance that reminds you of someone?

My dad died three years ago, but his perfume lingers in my mind. He has a favorite cologne, and every time I scent it, this cologne brings back sweet memories of him.

His scent and memories are embodied in the bottle of fragrance.

The scent evokes a thousand memories in the conscious mind.

My Dad and I have similar traits on this matter. I only have a few favorite perfumes in my collection, is because when it comes to fragrance, I am hard to impress; I've been using the same scent that I fancy for a long time, and somehow it has become my signature fragrance.

Once in a while, something new comes along, and I get lucky; I found a new favorite to add to my collection, so let me introduce my newfound Love to you.

1. Victoria's Secret Noir Tease

Eau de perfume

Smells divine. And that's not the only reason I love this perfume; as you can see, I am an old soul and love the Victorian style. This perfume bottle is a beautiful atomizer, a lovely fragrance, and a perfect addition to my Victorian vanity table decor. I adore the fresh scent of the floral and musk mixture without overwhelming it, and it is sweet, light, and refreshing.

2. Victoria Secret Scandalous Dare Eau de Parfum

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a seductive, luxurious, and sexy fragrance, VS Scandalous, the scent of a fruity flower, pink Tuberose, and pink Jasmine, creates a vibrant, vibrant smell full of a fiesta. And if any guys read this,

here's an excellent Valentine's gift idea for your lady love!

Ok, lovelies, thank you so much for stopping by till the next post!

Much Love,