Spring Bouquet

Spring is almost over, but the wildflowers are still blooming everywhere. From my lawn, and the hills behind my house are covered with Dandelions, Daisies, Chamomile, and buttercup flowers as far as my eyes can see, making Spring the most beautiful season there is.

My daughter and I created this beautiful Spring bouquet out of the flowers we picked from our yard. This bouquet is easy to make, we pick most of the flowers from our garden, and the rest are the wildflowers from the yard. These wildflowers they're decent and beautiful enough to be used as a flower filler for a special occasion such as a Bridal bouquet or can also apply for everyday arrangement, On top of the coffee or dining table to make the room more vibrant and alive.

Just put the flowers in the transparent cylinder vase and put the water, a half teaspoon of sugar for flower food, and change the water every day; the flower arrangement should stay fresh for a week.

For this Spring bouquet, the flowers are:

Daisies white, yellow, and pink Pink Roses Chamomile wild greenery The gorgeous Midori ribbons

Thank you so much for reading; please tell me what you think about this bouquet in the comment below!

Much Love,