Crystal Mountain Diary

When we visited Seattle, Washington state, the first list in our schedule to visit is none other than Crystal mountain; I was astounded with the beauty of this mountain, two and a half hours drive from Seattle. Crystal Mountain features 2,600 acres of terrain, and this is well worth the delightful picturesque drive.

To get the full experience of Chrystal Mountain, you must take the gondola ride to see the beauty and magnificence of this place. This is one of my favorite things about this place besides the slippery slope on the fresh powder, which is the view of the grand and fabulous Rainier mountain at the top of the gondola and several chairlifts. The scenery just improbable, especially when you are standing as tall as and face to face with Mount Rainier at the top of Crystal Mountain.

Every season this place brings a different persona, and its beauty. In winter time you'll find and winter wonderland; Where's all white and serene, on Spring or summer time this place will cover with arrays of gorgeous wildflowers as far as your eyes can see. Such a lovely place to visit.

We had a wonderful time together, enjoying this beautiful place. The twins can't get enough playing in the fresh snow; they had so much fun, they won't leave the site.

The gondola rides it such an incredible experience, and on top of Crystal mountain, it feels like we are on top of the world, so surreal and exciting. There's a place when you can hike to another mountain and also if you need to eat, they have an excellent restaurant with delicious fish and chip, and do not forget to order hot cocoa, is delightful!


Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll come back on the next post!



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