Christmas Home Decor Part 2

Christmas Decor

Times seem to go fast when we are busy preparing a big event such as a Christmas celebration. As for now, Seattle is pouring rain, but despite the cold or the rain, it didn't stop me from visiting the store after store shopping and hunting for bargain items. For me, never is enough decor, lights, garlands, or ornaments, even Christmas tree; I keep going back to the store, adding or change the decor. But for now, this is the best I can do (wait for a few days, and I'm sure I will make a slight change or adding more items)

Lucky for me, I live in a place where we have abundant pine trees, red and white cherries, so our home is filled with pine trees and cherries, the scented of the pine trees embedded in the house, and it smells wonderful every time we enter the house. I always say," nothing can beat a fresh pine fragrance to make winter more enjoyable."

As for now, I am crazy about tiny houses and reindeer decor; I got some of them from Target and Walmart. The prices there are a bit cheaper than different stores; I change a bit by painted white to make a snowy illusion on the house roofs.

And the Reindeer I got from various stores such as Michael, Homegoods, and Marshall. Adding the realistic-looking Reindeer, it gives the home a feeling of rustic and winter in the woods. I keep using it on my decor for two years now, and every year my collection gets bigger.

Adding fairy lights in every garland and tiny houses is just an excellent idea. The soft light gleaming from the fairy light perfectly coordinated with our interior's color gives a homely feeling to anyone. It makes our home glowing, and it changes the moods and ambiance of the celebration; it feels tranquility and enchanting at the same time. With so many endearing qualities combined, I suspect they might have a little magic in them. We love Ikea fairy lights. Most of our tiny lights, we got it from them.

TIny houses Christmas Decor
Tiny house Christmas decor
Tiny house christmas decor

Tiny house christmas decor

tiny house christmas decor

I adore the gift-wrapped, with a small price I can get enough to cover all the Christmas gifts that I have; the gift-wrapped are so adorable, simple but yet stunning; it reminds me of my childhood cartoon movie when the cartoon is not as complicated as today. Target surely has all variations of designs gift cover that you need for this holiday season at such an affordable price.

Tiny house Christmas decor
Tiny house christmas decor

reindeer christmas decor

garland for Christmas

reindeer for christmas decor

reindeer christmas decor
christmas gifts wrapping

reindeer for christmas

Thank you for reading. I hope it can be your Christmas decor inspiration. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Much Love,