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Upcycle Christmas Decoration For Your New Year's Eve Party

Finally, Christmas is over, meaning you've made it through all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and hopefully, you have got to do all the fun Christmas activities from your list. So now it's almost time to relax and soak in all the experiences of a holiday, well-spent quality time with family and friends.

But it is not time to slow down yet; there is still one to celebrate. We're approaching a new year. So for some of you who decided not to celebrate new year's eve with big bangs, you can rest for once. But if you want to ring the new year with glitters, sparkles, and lots of noise, here are some ideas for your New Year's Eve party decor.

Let's celebrate this year's ups and downs with friends in style. Instead of spending money on buying new decor, you can upcycle your Christmas decorations. Christmas and NY celebrations are in the same season, and many Christmas decorations have several colors that work perfectly for a New Year's Eve Party. This post has one tip on how to throw an NYE shindig using these re-purpose items.

As you can see, this is our New Year's Eve Party Decor from last year, just after we transformed it from our Christmas Decor.

As I mentioned above, such a fortunate Christmas and NYE are in the same season so these events can share the same decor. For instance, these tiny houses are trendy decor for Christmas; who knew it would be an excellent addition to NYE decor?

Cupcakes are just something I got to have at every party that I hosted; it is such tremendous and delicious decor. It's a delightful must-have complement that can elevate your set to the next level. And not to mention, it is adults' and kids' favorite thing to munch. So please stay tuned to my next post for a delicious cupcake recipe for your NYE party.

Ok, lovelies, thank you so much for reading, and Happy New Year. I hope you have a great new year ahead of you!

Much Love


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