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6 Tips For Last-Minute Party Planning

One more day to go, we’ll welcome the New Year, and before you embark on this new beginning, as you say goodbye to the old, Let’s welcome the coming new year with cheer and laughter.

I’m sure some of you have a plan in mind for New Year’s Eve celebration, but if you at the last minute finally want to throw a party to ring the NYE with family and friends and have question in mind," it is possible to arrange a party at the last minute?

Of course, it is possible!

Throwing a great New Year’s Eve party can help make the celebrations even more enjoyable. Get inspired and host a fun, memorable party for you and those close to you.

There’s always a certain amount of pressure on planning a party, especially at the last minute. First, everyone wants to start the New year off right, and second, you want to plan a perfect party. It is hard enough to arrange a party; a proper celebration requires to be arranged in advance. Since you need to plan at the last minute, keep everything simple and easy.

That being said, you need an idea of how to do a last-minute party,

Here I will give you a tip and trick on how to host a less stressful last-minute party that is cost-efficient, fun, and convenient. And it will save you and your guests from the dilemma on the unplanned New Year’s Eve (believe me, there are a lot of people who suffer from this), and they will thank you for providing a memorable night to welcome a New Year with you.

1. Skip Formal Invitation

Since this a last-minute plan, there’s no time for the print invitation; your best bet to invite your friend and family is to call via phone of them, but before you straight away asking them, first apologize for the last-minute invite. Also, you can post an event page on Facebook and all other social media platform. Don’t be discouraged if they decline the invitation, remember, you invite them at the last minute, and they probably have made different plans. Keep a small number of guests; it will be easy to arrange the gathering.

2. Use Restaurant, Grocery Store Delly, and Salad Bar.

Ok, unless you’re an avid cook, you can cook at your last-minute party. Otherwise, you can order from a restaurant or the grocery store to save time, such as Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Costco, Vons, and much more.

Remember, if you plan to start your party at 6 or 7 pm is supper time, then you should provide a full-course meal, but most NYE party starts at 8 or 9 pm. Appetizers and finger food are appropriate since most guests already have dinner beforehand. Don’t forget to mention on the invite that you will provide finger foods, so it’ll hint to your guest to have dinner before heading to your party.

Try to buy every dish on one trip and one store, so I recommend having your grocery list ready.

3. Dress up your home

Skip the DIY decor since you have no r and don’t have to decorate every inch of your place. But, since you are in a hurry, one small dessert table decor with strings, hats, and balloons would be nice. And to up the amp, your decor adds fresh flowers, cupcakes, and string light. It would make your corner fabulous. I love A dollar store, 99 stores, or Walmart.


The picture on the right: Seashell Stuffed Chicken Salad Recipe

The picture on the left: Chocolate Chip Banana Cream Pastry

4. Drink

Try to serve affordable but good drinks, such as Zima or Smirnoff, and if you have a signature drink, that would be fabulous. Here is an easy recipe for your fun night.

Guava Nectar Cider Rum Punch

32 oz Kern’s Guava Nectar Juice 25 Oz sparkling apple cider 1.5 cups seltzer 2 Cups Aged Rum 1 orange, sliced


Combine guava juice, Apple cider, seltzer, and rum in the punch bowl. Put orange slices on top as garnish. Serve over ice. Makes 8-10 servings.

5. Music

Music is a must. Use your Spotify, karaoke, or any music list to make the party come alive!

6. Games and Entertainment

Having games while waiting to ring the New Year will be fun. Prepare plenty of board games to cycle through. Word games are always fun and stimulating. My favorite game

would be New Year’s Eve Charade.

Turns a classic game into a New Year’s Eve party game; depending on your party’s size, you can divide your guests into small or more significant groups.

You can set up a photo prop on the wall using metallic trimmers and buy cowboy hats, fake mustaches, faux fur scarves, and funny glasses from a dollar store to take funny pictures and use your cell phone to take photos.

Watching a funny movie is one of the ways to kill time, as well. I strongly recommend the movie like

  1. Gods Must Be Crazy

  2. Euro Trip

  3. Rat Race

  4. There’s something about Mary

  5. Along Come Polly

  6. Coming to America

  7. The Dictator

Dancing is one of the ways to let off steam, so let’s dance the night away!

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy New Year, everyone!

Much Love,


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