Candy Buffet Table Decor For Valentine's Day

We are now at that time of the year again, when people go insane in proclaiming their love for their beloved ones on this the most celebrated 'Passion' day, a festival of romance that glorifies love and relationships. Love is in the air in PNW; While it chilly around town, there are great ways to rejoice in this sweet celebration while getting warm and toasty with the loved one in this cold season.

Personally, I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming celebration. Candy, flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, red and pink decor everywhere you go, what not to like about Valentine's day? Unless you hate red and pink, that would be understood (haha, funny!), other than that, I don't see any good reason not to like Valentine's day. 'And, why should you only celebrate and demonstrate your love on just one day of the year?' You asked. Just because we celebrate Valentine's day, it does not mean this is the only day we celebrate love. We are supposed to celebrate our feeling every day and every way we can and is not wrong to celebrate together with the whole world. So this is why I love Valentine's day because we always find a reason to celebrate good things.

Valentine's day become one of the traditions that we celebrate in my family. My kids love it; I usually will set up a beautiful table decorated with candy, chocolate, and flowers while having brunch or lunch with them. But, since this month, Valentine's day falls on the day of school, so I set up a small candy buffet for them to enjoy after school.

I'm wearing Nail polish Essie in Tone down color.

This chocolate melting ceramic is one of the favorite items to have; my kids love to make strawberry chocolate-covered, or with any fruit they like.