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  • Joice J

Fruits & Cheese Board Arrangement

For you who have followed my blog since the beginning, about nine years ago, you know I love to celebrate Valentine's day with my kids. Over the years, we had many Valentine's day celebrations with various theme parties, such as Valentine's picnics, garden parties, red and pink, and so much more.

However, the party only consisted of four of us, sometimes only three ( Because Daddy needed to work), but we always had so much fun, and the kids loved it. Now that they got older ( they are teens now), I thought the kids would no longer want the party; to my surprise, they asked for it. They said it wouldn't feel like Valentine's Day without my small celebration. Hearing this made me so happy!

I will create a cheese and fruit board ready to munch this Valentine's time when they get home from school. These boards are not hard to arrange; I choose some of their favorite fruits, cheese, tasty sausages, and delicious spread. I also do not forget to have grilled artichoke and sun-dried tomatoes and throw in some croissants if they want to make sandwiches.

God knows how hungry these teens were when they got out of school. I'm sure within seconds, and they'll devour all this food and leave these boards all emptied and make their mommy happy once again.

Thank you so much for reading, and happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Much Love