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  • Joice J

Dandelion Wishes

Alone dandelion standing tall

Fuzzy future, still a ball.

A child's intuition, not faded yet.

Still, the gusting wind blows--

A constant threat

This being the final chance

For thoughts of little minds to dance.

Double digits, a shooting star

Oh, how I wonder what you are?

Lashes slipping past a finger

Never let that one linger.

Too long one without reply

Waiting, watching years go by--a quiet


A spore of life descends away.

A last request to fly astray.

Find it best to not lose time

For in wind, that misplaced is only prime

As glints of reality flee the mind;

Living gullible eyes blind

Of a life significant at this instance--only a wink!

Let not one dust of dandelion be hindrance

In this life--lets it be each moment cherished.

Poem by Katie Juliane

This year is special and will undoubtedly be the season we can not forget, a time full of concerns, uncertainty, and anxieties. Our safety, the possibility of our future, and fear of financial stability are becoming worrisome. This Coronavirus has changed our perspective in life and our way of survival; nonetheless, this is a beautiful season that brings hope, new perception, and unique experience to live our life to the fullest. And I hope this pandemic will bring us closer to each other, not physically but in thoughts, spirit, understanding, and hope for a better future.

Please stay safe, and I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

Our Model: Danica-Alice

Dress: Target Department Store

Hunter Boots in Yellow Mustard from Nordstrom.

Thank you so much for reading!