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Country Style

It's a time of the year again when we visit the pumpkin patch and spend quality time with family, playing and choosing the cutest pumpkin to bring it home.

This farm has been our favorite place to visit every fall season; it's thirty minutes away from home and forty minutes drive to the famous Big Bear. This place is similar to Big Bear, only smaller in size and located in a small town, a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and cute cabins called Forest Fall. It doesn't feel like you are near a big city when you are here. It feels like you are far away in the middle of the forest, a small place with all the nature you need to experience tranquility. It has snow in wintertime, mountains, a pine forest, and a waterfall.

Like every season when we visit the farm, we dress up like cowboys and cowgirls and enjoy country living. And the kids love it; you can explore and get lost in the maze, ride Cho Cho trains, and be friendly phony for the fun experience.

I'm wearing cowgirl boots that I got from my favorite western store and a top that I got from the thrift store.

Thank you so much for reading,

Ana (Associate Fashion writer Contributor at Cantique)