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Our Favorite Christmas Goodies From Trader Joe's

Can you hear the sound of sleigh bells ringing? Unfortunately, the bells' sounds are all too familiar around this time of the year; the official siren indicates Christmas time is here. Are you done with all the Christmas preparation?

Did you finish all the Christmas shopping? How about the beautiful decor? Did you finish decorating your house? Is your house smell like a gingerbread cookie yet? Oh, how about all the Christmas goodies? Did you finish baking a delicious Christmas cookie? After all, what a Christmas without a delightful mouth-watering cookie, right?

Cookies and candy are the staples of Christmas activities; it is what Christmas is all about. But when we had so many things to do and so little time, we just had to thank our favorite stores for selling delicious Christmas goodies.

These are Christmas goodies from Trader Joe's that are worth trying for and serving with family during Christmas time, or you can wrap them up for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family Christmas gifts.

1. Baton Lover's Quarter Rolled Wafer Cookies

This cookie was a hit in my house. Initially, I bought two of these for Christmas; I had to taste if it washed worth serving for our Christmas party, but I kept tasting it until the two cans were empty, so I had to go back and buy four more cans. And I hid it inside one of our kitchen cabinets; it was a bad idea!

I don't know what I was thinking of hiding the goodies in the kitchen cabinet when everybody can access them. And guess what? Of course, they found it; by the second day, the Baton Lover's Quartet wafer cookie became the lovers of my family, and by the third day, it was gone—nothing left for Christmas.

Finally, I decided to appoint myself the only "taster" in the family to prevent what's happening to all the cookies for Christmas. And I'll return to Trader Joe's store and get more delicious cookies for Christmas. I guess I don't have to describe how delicious these cookies are for you to hurry and get some to try.

2. Hot Chocolate Sticks Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is my obsession, and when it is dark chocolate hot cocoa, it becomes my weakness.

Every Christmas, we celebrate with a Hot Cocoa bar where guests can make their delicious drinks, complete with sides that they can mix and match to make the hot drink more festive such as a candy cane, winter peppermint, caramel, cinnamon, and a lot more.

This Hot chocolate Sticks Dark Chocolate will be a great addition to our decor and annual hot cocoa bar; it tastes delicious and is easy to make; all you need is to stick it in and stir in the hot milk ready to drink. And also, this hot cocoa is a perfect item for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.

3. Mediterranian Olive Oils

If you are undecided about gifts for kids, teachers, friends, and neighbors, I think this oil would be an excellent idea for a last-minute Christmas gift, and I'm sure they would love it; who does not love olive oil?

This oil comes from three different countries, Italy, Spain, and Greece, and is delicious enough to make a great addition to salad dressing and marinades, and I can also use it for cooking, pan-frying, and sauteing. And perfect for dipping with croutons.

I love the packaging, and each bottle is a medium size, enough to use for Christmas gatherings with family, and is an excellent addition to your dinner and dessert table.

4. Perugina Italia Baci Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is one of my favorites; I bought two for Christmas gifts but couldn't stop until two empty boxes after trying one. Initially, I only tried to 'taste it' but boy, I was wrong, because it's too delicious, I got hooked and forgot to stop. So I returned, got four more boxes, and put them aside for our Christmas dessert table so we could enjoy it all together, but my daughter found the chocolates. If she has a nose, she can find any cookies I hide. I sacrificed myself to be "the taster" in the family and gained eight pounds over it, but suddenly everybody wanted to be "the taster" too; as you know, four boxes went before the Christmas party.

Perugina chocolates are made according to Italian tradition and are excellent chocolate with a unique flavor. This fine chocolate box contains 28 dark chocolates to taste and enjoy, each wrapped in love and friendship notes, giving us a wonderful message; this kind of love is meant to be shared. These Chocolates are delicious, filled with hazelnut cream with a whole hazelnut in the center, making this chocolate and tradition of affection a pleasure to give and a joy to receive.

5. Hot Cocoa Snowman

Looking at this snowman hot cocoa makes me want to sing: "Do you want to build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play! I never see you anymore; come out the door. It's like you've gone away.

We used to be best buddies, and now we're not; I wish you would tell me why

Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman. It can be making a hot cocoa snowman?"

Do you still remember this song and the movie? I remember how my daughter wanted to be an Elsa at the school Halloween parade, but I told her that Elsa was so famous that many of her friends would like to be Elsa too. I was right in the school parade; almost every girl was Elsa! My daughter was one of the winners of the school Halloween costume parade, and I guess she was one of the few students that weren't in Elsa's costume.

Now that she is a teenager, I'm singing this tune to her because she is too busy; she hardly hangs out with her mommy anymore, but we both agree this snowman hot cocoa is cute and fun to have for our Christmas hot cocoa bar. This snowman hot cocoa is super cute and stylish enough to be the center of attention of our Hot cocoa bar. All you need to do is to put it in hot water, then, voila! You got your snowman hot cocoa.

6. Dark Chocolate Stars Covered with Shortbread Cakes & Dark Mint Starts.

This delicious chocolate is another delightful addition to your sweet buffet table, and you can put it in a small glass jar to make the table more attractive and inviting. Also, these little cookie chocolate are so yummy!

Ok, thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Much love,



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