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Mother's Day Table Decor

Red roses and pink daisies flower arrangement trailing across the table with cake in the middle.

Mother's Day is one of the momentous occasions in my family. Sadly, this year I won't celebrate Mother's Day with the leading lady in my life, my mom, because of social distancing, but it doesn't mean we can not celebrate our special day together.

My mom lives outside the country, and it seems impossible to celebrate Mother's Day together. But, thank God we live in the era of Hi-tech, and what appears to be impossible can be arranged after all. "Desperate time call for desperate measure"; this is where A-Zoom or Facebook Messenger comes in handy; we will get "together" after all.

We plan to dine together via A-Zoom with the delicious menu and sit in front of a beautifully decorated table. It is a special day; making the table look Inviting is only fair. But, at the same time, face time with her while we had our dinner and she had her breakfast from the other side of the continent seems strange, yet, it is an excellent way to give extra effort to make this Mother's Day memorable.

We had this celebration in the front yard while the dandelion was blooming. It was a lovely sight; the table was decorated nicely with colorful flowers, kale from the garden, and some fruits adorning the beautiful arrangement. The lawn was covered with yellow dandelion; the contrast made the table packed with colorful fresh flowers look astonishing.

We sat around the fire pit after dinner and made smores. It was fun, just what it was supposed to be. A successful gathering is always involved good food and great conversation.

Red roses, pink daisies and butter cup while flowers
Mother's Day table setting with fresh flower decor

cakes for mother's day decor
Mother's Day Table arrangement

Mother's Day Table Decor

The table is decorated with table runner flower arrangements, store-bought flowers, and leaves from our vegetation garden.

Mother's Day Table dessert setting

We also had a spring fruit board, which serves purposes for appetizers and decoration. We had cantaloupe melon, Grapes, Strawberries, and Kiwis. It is adorned with purple Daisies flowers.

We also had a mini cheese board, enough to satisfy the young'uns, and it is delicious to eat with the sandwich and a delightful addition for toast and chocolate marshmallows.

Mother's Day fruit platter for table decor
Mother's Day Table Decor cakes

beautiful tablescape for Mother's day
Mother's Day Red and Pink Table setting

Mother's Day fruit platter table decor

Mother's Day Table Decor fruit platter

The tables are decorated with store-bought flowers; Roses, Daisies, Kale bayou leaves, and flowers from the Vegetable garden. We didn't throw away the kale leaves after dinner; we kept them for the next day's menu. It is one of the great ideas for repurposing the decor.

Mother's Day Table Decor setting
Mother's Day panini for dessert table

One of the favorite menus on the table was this delicious mouth-watering Spinach & melted Mozzarella Cheese Panini (click to get the recipe)

outdoor table decor for mother's day

Mother's Day Table Decor Panini

Mother's Day Table Decor

The decorations are from Walmart, Target, Von's, and Safeway Supermarket.

Thank you so much for reading,

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the wonderful mothers out there. And please stay well and safe.

Much love,


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